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the Devil & the Angel of Temperance

At the edge of consciousness lies the realm of Psychic abilities and alternate belief. I have recently met with someone who claims the ability to see guardian angels, and indeed angels of any kind. Like sensitives who are able to visualise auras around people Angel workers are convincing in their beliefs. Angels are spiritual messengers who are sent to guide us through the trials of life, and some believe guide us on our final journey after death. Whilst discussing the power of angels I was surprised to find that this lady claimed to have turned ‘ hopeless cases ‘ around by enabling them to visualise & connect with their angel guides. This is a fascinating subject & one that I think deserves further investigation, angel working is definitely on my list of skills to investigate.

The outcome that was impressed on me was that it is never too late to make the right choice, to welcome the power of good over evil. Listening to the Angels can give you the power to unlock your future. This is of course at the basis of many belief systems. In Tarot we have the light & dark cards. It is very easy to allow the darker forces to slowly creep in to our lives. One of the darkest archetypes in the Tarot, The Devil often appears in readings of seekers who have allowed his influence affect their lives. Anything that erodes the quality of your life can be an indicator that the Devil is at play. An antidote to the power of the Devil card is to meditate on the Temperance card to learn to experiment with the joys of life again. Two recent readings I have given showed a couple of facets of his influence. A lady I read for recently told me that she had completely lost her zest for life & her daily existence had degenerated in to a routine of second rate daytime TV. People often search for tarot reading near me to find answers to the Devil appearing in their cards. One lady came to me after she turned over the Devil. I told her not to worry & then as we talked a full blown drug & alcohol addiction around her that needed serious professional attention was disclosed. The Devil can raise his trickster self as an indication that you should seek external advice. You may feel that these two scenarios are in no way connected, to me they are 2 sides of the same coin. If you feel that your ‘soul is broken’ as was the descriptive phrase used by this lady it is hard to remember that miracles are happening all the time, all around us, you just have to choose to see them. To interpret the messages of the Angels you can use powerful Archangel Oracle Cards, connect to your guides & learn to heal and motivate yourself in magical ways.

I started this post with talk of spiritual messengers, these individuals are all around us and are not necessarily religious figures or prophets, they can be ‘ordinary people’. The woman who inspired me to take my spiritual journey to the next level & to expand my site to reflect that is a wonderful, selfless individual who I’m sure is surrounded by a host of angels. Most amazingly I have never, yet, met this wonderful lady. The power of the internet brought her to me & I could feel through her words that she was to have an important influence on my life, as she continues to do on a daily basis.

If you want to make a spiritual connection my team of UK’s top Psychics & Clairvoyants are ready to guide you to a more fulfilling life. Many of my team have studied many forms of personal advancement or attended spiritual churches to develop their gifts.

As well as Psychic readings several of my gifted team offer the best Angel Card readings & some are qualified Mediums. If you decide to connect to my team you will definitely have made the right choice.

Keep looking to the future

Paul O’Mara

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