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I am SOO pleased my Psychic readers are enjoying a growing army of loyal fans. Thank You to those visitors who demand a better quality of Psychic reading. This has led me to constantly re-assess my service. After all, I established my site as I simply could not find a site from a genuine Psychic that provided a balance between free psychic services and quality Genuine Psychic readings with tested genuine Psychic readers. My readers tell me that they really enjoy reading for my customers as they do not accept things on face value & keep my readers at the top of their game. I am confident that my team are among the best Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants working today. I am careful to balance my team & even though it is very rare, if you do not immediately connect with your chosen reader, remember you can contact my reception within the first few minutes for advice on which available reader is likely to be able to connect quickly to you & your current situation. My Love Psychic Readings service has been receiving rave reviews.

I am amazed by how far my free services are spreading & helping people around the globe. After relaunching my Halloween talking Psychic Tarot reading & my spoken Relationship Free Psychic Tarot Reading many new territories began to show in my statistics. Some of the places I had literally never heard of !. Geography was never my strong point !. If you would like to invite friends through my Psychic friends importer, either from email clients or social networks like MySpace or Facebook, it is a secure, fast, easy process. Invite 10 friends & I will give you a login to my popular talking Celtic Cross reading Free for your trouble !. Thank you also to my subscribers who spread the word about new services & are always first to hear about new products or competitions on my site. Last month I gave away an Angels kit, some talismans that were won by a lady in Romania & a full Psychic reading with one of my team. So, if you aren't subscribed, you can do so below. Your details are stored securely off site & will never be passed on. Well that's it from me, Keep looking to the future !

Attract Your Soulmate with my Love Spell !

Paul O'Mara

My Top 20 Psychic Love Readers for October 2009 are :

Rose 4004
Charlotte 4005
Faithe 4142
Jennifer 4242
Rachel 4204
Francine 4248
Romea 4255
Shaz 4277
Diane 4283
Shelly 4304

Joanne 4309
Sophia 4312
Arriana 4326
Isobel 4336
Mara 4341
Angel-Light 4373
Christine 4413
Natasha 4385
Lillian 4290
Claire 4345

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