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Scrying was my first encounter with divination

Increasingly people in this day and age are interested in learning more about their futures. Tarot, my speciality is experiencing a renaissance & is being increasingly recognised as a valid form of therapy. There are many methods of divination, or learning more about one’s future, tools to help one better understand the now. Many have experienced Tarot cards, palm readings and runes.  The most popular and most widely known type of divination however is through scrying, or crystal ball reading.
Unfortunately many of these ancient methods have been tainted by the commercial ‘psychic’ industry, true scrying enables contact with
intuition just beyond the realms of consciousness.

Scrying is often portrayed in movies and books as the method used by psychics, gypsies & the like. Many times this is overplayed and is
more flamboyant than true crystal reading. In the hands of truly gifted psychic professionals, it shouldn’t be a spooky or scary experience. Most often true psychics or intuitives have a crystal ball that they use, in fact anything that is reflective in nature will be suitable. A common substitute for a crystal ball is a glass of water. This must be filled to the brim if you choose to use it. The item is then held next to a candle or other small source of light with the main lights turned off. This increases attention to the object and helps your mind focus on the task at hand.

More important than the item used, whether it be a crystal ball, a glass of water etc, is the state of your mind as you attempt to tune in to the vibrations. In order to receive the clearest and most direct
feedback you must have your mind cleared of all other thoughts. Many meditate before they look into the crystal in order to help them have their mind focused on the current situation. You also need to focus on whatever question you have and be searching for it within the crystal ball and within your own mind. Burning incense also helps set the mood for a better atmosphere in which to conduct the reading.

Scrying can take a few minutes to several hours. It all depends on the
energy of the searcher and what they are hoping to learn. Having an open mind and cleared, focused thoughts are imperative to the true crystal gazer. Many times the subconscious mind will take over and present thoughts and information otherwise unachievable had you used different methods. This can provide you with an answer to whatever question you might have been looking for.

Doing these things can greatly help your scrying become more effective. With time your mind will be able to meditate more easily and you will become more successful after each attempt. If you keep it up you will be able to learn more about yourself and what the future has in store for you.

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