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The real secrets contained within the Tarot have long been forbidden from seeing the light of day, because ancient luminaries feared that the world was simply not ready to wield such incredible, reality-bending powers. What if you could? Overcome any financial problems and never worry about money ever again. Achieve success in practically anything you set your mind on. Live a life of vibrant health and endless joy with your loved ones. Yes it is all possible.
This powerful system really works, by absorbing the nuances of the Major & Minor Arcana you just enhance the success traits that you already have within you, even the ones that you aren’t even aware of, and triggers a “Quantum-level” change to your subconscious, utilising your enhanced success traits to turn every single opportunity that comes your way into a goldmine of success. Once you are able to harness the cosmic forces of the universe through Tarot imagery, nothing else can stand in your way. The secrets are for real and a taster is available here: Tarot meanings

You Are a Creator-Being and Child of Light

Many people searching for tarot reading near me that land on my site ask if a psychic reading by phone can be as good as in person. I personally think it can be better as doesn’t rely on any visual clues. What they don’t realise is that their thoughts, feelings and beliefs simply provide the energy to send a signal out into the Universe. It is the Universe which amplifies this signal by adding all the energy required to rearrange a personal reality and manifest a new life experience. Many people could benefit from a reading with a real psychic or Tarot consultant.

If people only knew that they have the power to ask the Universe to change their reality, they would understand that they are not weak and helpless victims of circumstances, but empowered Children of Light exercising their birthright as Creator-Beings. A Being of Light is empowered to ask the Universe because the Universe is itself made of Light. So in a sense, when you send a signal out in the Universe, you are sending a signal into the essence of your own being, and it is because the Universe recognises you as a Child of Light, as being one with itself in essence, that it obeys your request. Thus, manifesting a reality is fundamentally you and the Universe being as one, and moving as one, and this is the real secret of your own nature and your own power.”

I’m currently revisiting some old favourite decks in readings, like old friends the conversation just picks up where you left off.

The gorgeous vintage decks are a challenge in readings. It was fashionable to write the meaning straight on the card. When those meanings can clearly be read as ‘violence’ & ‘poverty’ it may be wise to use a more positive oracle for sensitive sitters.

A reading yesterday showed that the main challenge in play was to ultimately accept oneself with all our quirks. Celebrate individuality, seek out pursuits that put you in the zone & fire your personal brand of enthusiasm. The idea of a reading is to leave the sitter feeling lighter than when they arrived & closer to achieving their goals, following the right path.

The SHORTEST Path to Getting Everything You Want In Life is by finding information that explains how the universe works, and ALL information is contained in the Tarot. In short the Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities, all knowledge is here. When I am interviewing a new reader for my recommended psychic phone lines, or to work as a conduit on my fabulous uk psychic text reading service, it is the Tarot that heralds their arrival before they physically manifest in my world. Why not try a professional Tarot reading today ?

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