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Living in the past is one of the major obstacles that many people go through when trying to make it in life. Many people always use their past as the main basis for interpreting their future and current situation. This invariably affects one values and beliefs which in turn takes the inevitable effect on your actions. A lot of psychologists claim that the perfect way to predict one’s future behaviour is to understand their previous behaviour. Actually, this is very true for many people because to obtain exceptional results, you have to believe you are unique and far from the ordinary. It is possible to have extraordinary results in life, if you believe in yourself enough.

To get what you have never been fortunate enough to have, is possible if you are willing to do what you have never done. If you always travel the same path, you always reach the same destination. It doesn’t make sense to let your past prevent you from taking action in the future, nothing you can do can change what has already occurred. Living in the shadow of your past is dangerous because it makes you miss on incredible opportunities in life. Just as the name ‘past’ implies, you need to put what you have previously passed through behind you and focus on a positive future. You need to concentrate on the present, focusing on what you want to manifest in the future and be prepared to grasp every opportunity life has to offer.

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Looking to the future is incredibly important, especially if you want to attain positive changes in your life. Most of the time, fear stops people from taking action to get what they want. Instead, they use past stories and experiences to explain how they react and interestingly, many of these stories can be negative, in order to change the future you need to accept the past, live in the present & expect a brighter future.  We all tend to remember fearful stories far more than happy stories, that is human nature. Different sectors such as media, government and leaders always use fear to motivate people to get things done because fear is a great way to control people.

At times, we engage in activities that we know can have negative impact on our development. Likewise we can allow ourselves to associate with negative people who drain on our energy, psychic vampires. By recognising situations or people that are holding us back, we can make huge strides towards becoming the best possible version of ourselves. The media uses fear on a regular basis, and again we have to learn to filter this negativity & protect ourselves by refusing to take these thoughts on board. Movies of course use drama to instil fear in audiences and these vivid images stick out in the minds of many vulnerable people magnifying fearful, negative or self defeating thoughts. We later use our past experience as a basis for our current predicaments or future decisions.

Honestly, the past does serve a purpose in our future but it’s important to learn from your past to get positive results in the future. It’s essential to read stories from people who have made it in life despite all odds. For instance, Thomas Edison famously known for inventing the bulb light failed 10,000 times before the first bulb was a success. When asked why he failed 10,000 times, he simply responded that he never failed to learn something new each time. Such an incident shows that as humans, we cannot succeed in everything immediately, and we have to go through some tussles before finally making it big.

When we pay attention to our past experiences and let them cripple us through fear, we are rationalised to take steps forward in order to get what we want. In this case, the past is not a useful reference. A good teacher is one who teaches us that when you experience something, you really understand it. For example, a simple exercise such as using a hand mirror and walking forward while looking at what’s left behind you, makes you realise that walking forward is challenging because you are not focusing on what is before you. A good psychic reading will show that you have to let go of the past and give pointers on how to focus on the future to see where you are going to achieve what you want. You cannot make it if you keep living in the past and not paying attention to what lies in the future.

Avoiding taking risk on the basis of past events may keep you safe, but you will be able to accomplish little or live a boring life. Most people who are successful in life have claimed that if they had not taken risks, they wouldn’t be where they are now. You have to know that life itself is a risk and taking some risks can enable you to achieve all you ever dreamed of. One has the power to change things by learning from the past, but they must act with intent in the present to make the future they desire.
Your past doesn’t define you, take careful note of your thoughts as thoughts invariably manifest in your life so release the past & programme your mind to focus only on the positives to create the life you know you deserve.

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