New Moon in Aries – Time to reach for your dreams

Aries Full Moon
The Power of the Aries Moon

The Aries new Moon will have wide reaching consequences. As an Aries myself this configuration is the point at which the instability &
uncertain feelings of the last few months or even years are released.
This powerful Moon will have an impact on everyone regardless of their sign, it is that significant. Like a fairground ride that suddenly
accelerates, forcing us to forget anything but the exhilaration of the
moment. This New Moon is the embodiment of pure Aries energy that makes us re-assess anything that has been hampering our development. This Moon takes no prisoners, we must grasp our new reality and rediscover our true self once & for all.

Global shifts

There are massive global shifts happening that will continue to occur
more often. I feel that the natural disasters we have experienced are
set to increase & may even impact closer to home. This unpredictability of mother nature should lead all of us to be more
responsive, more ready to live in the moment.

What does this mean for you ?

This is a perfect time to release all fear & doubt. The planetary
alignment though tempered slightly by retrograde Mercury, allows every one to finally reveal the best version of themselves. Everyone should now reach out for their dreams, release all emotional blocks &
decided to really live life in the moment. People searching for tarot readers near me often end up on the se pages & wonder what may be revealed in their personal tarot reading. Take time to remove yourself
from the ‘thousand things’ of your daily existence, begin to notice
elements of your life & people that are a drain on your psychic
battery, seek out experiences to replace these that will energise you
and move you forward.

If you have ever wanted to create the life you desire, the right time
is undoubtedly during the New Moon in Aries. I always stress that if
you follow the same path, you reach the same destination. Even small
changes in your daily life now can have huge impact on your new
reality. As I said in the previous post, recognise negativity &
actively work to turn doubt in to positivity. Any opportunities that
present themselves should be accepted wholeheartedly & given 110% attention. This is a time of untold possibility, events now can impact the rest of your life. Expect a surprise this month, no, expect a
miracle !

Un-tapped potential can be released during the Aries New Moon, remember to stay positive, to see the good in everyone & the potential and abundance that is set to flood your world.

I am again focusing on the Fool’s journey & am revisiting the Major
Archetypes, the greatest secrets of Tarot to challenge my outlook. The Fool has released all blocks & is set to leap in to a brighter
future unburdened by previous restrictive patterns. I absorbed the
message of the Fool as I had him tattooed on to my skin.

Are you ready to release the past & embrace a brighter future ?.

May the New Moon manifest everything you desire …

Paul O’Mara

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