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Catch a Supermoon

This post was written for the SuperMoon Sunday, 10 August 2014 but many facts apply to all supermoon. But what is a Supermoon? It is the time when the moon is closest to the Earth in 2014. It will appear 10+ percent bigger this Sunday night compared to a normal full moon.

Supermoons usually happen each year. It is the name given to the event when the moon and the Earth are the closest to each other. The distance between the moon and the Earth varies because of the elliptical nature of the moon’s orbit. That means the moon would drift closer to the Earth in its orbit and then move further away again.

If you are in the UK this Sunday, you will be able to catch the Supermoon over the south-eastern horizon during the evening. The nature show starts before 8 PM as the Supermoon reveals itself over the horizon. The best time to see the Supermoon is between 8 PM and 10 PM when it is still low.

In scientific terms, Supermoons are the closest perigee moon to the planet. In case you didn’t know, a perigee is the closest point of the moon’s orbit to the Earth. The furthest point from the Earth is known as apogee. In the time period between 1750 and 2125, the nearest Supermoon was recorded on 4 January 1912 when the moon was 356,375 km from the planet. The furthest apogee moon will be on 3 February 2125 as moon will be 406,720 km from the Earth. The dates should not be a surprise because the distance between the moon and Earth increases around 4 cm each year.

Effects of the Supermoon

The moon controls the tides, and the Supermoon is special. It is a positive opportunity as long as you utilise it correctly. A Supermoon can increase your positive energy, or it can bring chaos to your emotions. A full moon brings a large amount of energy that you must receive in a calm state of mind in order to get positive effects. During this time, your mind, body and spirit are amplified. Now is the perfect time to contact one of my incredible psychics for your unique personal reading, what will the lunar lunacy reveal for you?

If you are angry, you will become angrier. If you are happy, then you will be happier. A full moon brings a powerful energy, and you should expect a Supermoon to intensify the effect. It is vital that you direct that energy through positive intentions.

During the Supermoon, you should use the power of the moon to send out healing energy, kindness, and forgiveness to the family, friends, strangers, and others. Learn all about the Moon Tarot card & see how the lunar transits could affect you. It is also a good time to direct peaceful energy to places in the world that are suffering from hardship, war, poverty and strife. Not only will it benefit those places, the act will also give you good karma.

The Moon in Tarot

The Moon card was one of the very first cards I created for my personal deck many years ago. You can discover the Tarot meanings for all of the Tarot Major & Minor Arcana in my Tarot meanings database where you can also find my tarot meanings videos.

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