New Moon in Aries 2014

Review 2014 under the last full moon of 2014
Aries New Moon 2014

This weekends new moon in Aries is a collective new start for everyone on the planet. The start of the astrological year this is the perfect time to embrace inevitable changes in your life. There is some work to be done but it is relatively easy to make breakthroughs in your life, especially if you are an Aries like myself. You can almost feel the energy changing around you at this powerful time and it is forcing us to take stock of our situation and be brutally honest with what is & isn’t working for us at this time.

This powerful planetary correlation is set to affect all of our realities. It won’t be plain sailing, though the ultimate outcome will force us to focus on positivity to bring in our new reality.

The powerful energy and positive influence of Aries around this new Moon will undoubtedly bring changes to all of our lives, forging the future that we know we deserve. As with all things connected with the Moon look for nocturnal signals from your subconscious, possibly through intense messages experienced through dreams.

I know that this time will shake things up for all of us for the better, I wish you renewed energy as we move in to the summer with the power of the transformational New Moon.

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