Powerful Pisces Full Moon, Reach For That Dream

Full Moon
The Harvest Moon, What Rewards Await Us?

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That dream, you know the one, needs dusting off this Full Moon. Fire your ambition, make a plan, success is closer than you think.

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Of all the lunar cycle phases, the Full Moon is the energetic high point of the Moon’s journey through the zodiac. The Full Moon is known to profoundly affect how we feel, act, think and even sleep. 

So on September 20, 2021, at 11:54 PM GMT, we experience a beautiful and powerful Full Moon—also known as the Harvest Moon—in the dreamy and poetic sign of Pisces. 


I love the Almanac Moon Phase Calendars so beloved of my Mother. Next time you see the moon ask what message it has for you, what can you achieve in the next moon cycle?

This year, the September Full Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon because it is the Full Moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. The Sun in Virgo forms an opposition to the Moon in Pisces, these energies fire intuition & cause us to embrace our spiritual health and creativity.

So Harvest Moon is just a name. However, these full autumn moons have unique characteristics linked to the timing of the moonrise. Typically, the Moon rises about 50 minutes after sunset each day. But when the Full Moon occurs near an autumnal equinox, the Moon on subsequent nights rises much closer to the time of sunset. We enjoy the moonlight for longer. 

Although seemingly insignificant, this full Moon leaves its mark on our souls on an energetic and subtle level.


How does the Moon feel in Pisces? Well, it feels endless, abandoned but at the same time found in the arms of the Divine. The Full Moon on September 20 focuses on how we connect to our soul, how we accept the things we can’t change and what we do to find meaning in our lives and heal our soul wounds.

With the Pisces Full Moon, we may now feel that the end of a cycle in our lives is approaching. We are called to reflect and mainly process the emotional echoes of the experiences of the last few months. Some conclusions may bring us fulfilment, while others may be disappointing and require us to find forgiveness for ourselves and others. Whether joy, sadness, anger, or ecstasy, we may now sense that something is “baking” within us, demanding release, fluidity, purification, overcoming the mind’s resistance in the face of the soul’s blurriness.

Here we can feel the opposition between the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. We can analyse a thing to a point and find mistakes upon mistakes (Virgo). Still, we can choose either to remain stuck in criticism and regret or to accept that we, and others, did the best we could, according to what we understood and were capable of at the time. 

In the days around the Full Moon, we tend to be edgy, wanting to prove ourselves right at all costs. Now, this Full Harvest Moon in Pisces can help us have an extra dose of understanding, demand less perfection, and trust that we can also cope with uncertainty, intense emotions, and temporary chaos. Time for daily responsibilities needs to be balanced with time for our soul.

September’s Full Moon in Pisces can bring fulfilment, defining moments or closure in relationships, challenging us to find a middle ground between striving to change what’s wrong and accepting things that are out of our control. We can especially notice whether we have tended towards the role of victim or rescuer in relationships, whether we have offered or demanded without limits from those around us, whether there is a power imbalance, whether we have remained open to learning things from and with others.

So let’s explore the changing waters of the Full Moon in Pisces, making room for mystery, uncertainty, fantasy and experiences that take us beyond ourselves.

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