Powerful Full Moon Rituals To Manifest Your Dreams

full moon rituals

Is it that time again?

When you start living to the rhythm of the moon the routine of a full moon ritual becomes second nature & is a fantastic way to give you anchors as you progress through the year.

The Full Moon is a time of power and energy. It’s a time to connect with the Divine and honor our ancestors. It’s also a time to let go of any old energy that we don’t need anymore.

The Full Moon is the perfect time for a rite of passage or new life ceremony & blessing.

Full moon rituals are a great way to connect with the Goddess and God energies, promote self-care, improve physical health, develop intuition, learn new skills and deepen your metaphysical knowledge.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Charge Your Crystals

The number 1 Full Moon ritual. The Full moon is a natural source of magical energy. It is the best time to charge your crystals as it has a calming and soothing effect on them. If you are unable to charge your crystals during the full moon, then you can use the new moon or even a solar eclipse for charging purposes. Moon bathing, which is when you place your crystals outside on a full moon night, is the de facto method for attracting positive energy in to your space. This can be done in any environment, but it will be most effective if you do it in nature where you can feel the energy of the Earth and stars more clearly.

Crystals are a great way to access the power of the universe. They have been used throughout history as a way to channel energy, heal and feel more grounded. Crystals are an important part of many people’s spiritual practices. They are also a powerful tool for healing and self-care. I have many, some of my favourites are tektites, I had a powerful experience with Moldavite many years ago that turned me on to the power of these meteoric beauties.

Moon meditation

Pull the Moon Tarot Card & prepare to go on a lunar journey in to your subconscious. The Full Moon is a time to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. Watch my avatar take a wander through my meaning of the Moon Tarot Card to immerse yourself in lunar some magical thinking. Lie down, put on some of your favourite chilled music & allow your mind to drift. Visualise anything that has been troublesome in the last month fading away, see the moon lighting the path as you move forward, revealing the steps you need to take to manifest positive change in your life. There are many amazing hypnotic guided moon meditations online, dive in to YouTube & find one that connects to you. My avatar gives his take on each Full Moon on YouTube, this month is The Full Buck SuperMoon in Capricorn

Dive in

A full moon bath is a must for me, prepare your moon water anyway you choose, add flower petals, chosen crystals, perhaps favourite bathsalts. Get ready for a lunar soak, the healing properties of the water mixed with the moon’s energy can help cleanse your body from any negative energies. The full moon bath can be done at any time of the month, but it is more powerful during a full moon cycle because of its connection to the lunar cycle.

Write yourself a letter & burn it

Burning a letter is a form of cleansing and releasing the emotions that are attached to it.

In order to do this, you will need to gather some items that you can use to set the letter on fire. You will need matches or a lighter, something to burn the letter on like an incense holder or plate, salt, and an item from nature like flowers or leaves.

To start, take your chosen item from nature and place it in the center of your burner. Sprinkle salt around the base of your chosen item and place your letter on top. Light the paper with a match or lighter and watch it burn down until all that is left is ashes.

Full Moon Tarot Reading

The Full Moon free Tarot reading focuses on past, present, and future aspects in life. This reading also provides guidance in love and relationships as well as healing. A reading with one of my best psychics & Clairvoyants often reveals very powerful messages on the night of the full moon.

Obviously the Full Moon is a very busy time for mystics with many people requesting readings, remember to prebook a psychic reading ahead of time if you are thinking of a reading on this special day. If possible any reading you complete yourself should be completed under the light of the Moon, this makes it incredibly potent. If you are lucky enough to be able to see the moon from your window be sure to glance up if you are having a psychic reading by telephone.

The full moon free tarot reading can be used to find out what has been going on in your life recently or what will happen in the near future. You can also use it to see where you may have some blocks or challenges that need to be addressed or healed.

What next

As we have seen a Full Moon ritual usually takes place during the full moon. It can be done on the night of the full moon, or on any day during the two weeks following it.

Many people believe that lunar cycles rituals are a prime way to connect with oneself and with nature & I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that these rituals help you achieve balance in life by connecting to your spiritual side. So are you ready to indulge in your next Full Moon ritual? The best time for a full moon ritual is when you feel like you need it most, go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.

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