Why Are We afraid Of The Future ? Change Your Outlook, Change Your Life

Major Arcana affirmations
The deck features 78 cards consisting of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards.

Despite the news, we’re still here ! Unlock your full potential through positive focus.

Optimism isn’t automatic, it requires us to work at keeping our ‘glass half full’ . The optimism and promise of a brighter future always creates good feelings and empowers everyone to want to improve their lives. How you keep an even keel is entirely personal & takes time to develop, in fact it often needs rebalancing as we move through life & face different challenges.

Tarot is a good one for me, meditation & hypnosis also work. Diet & exercise though we aren’t natural bedfellows also plays an increasing part in my daily routine.

Where then does it go so wrong for some of us? Almost everyone I interacted with last year was expecting to die various viral threats, be blown up by terrorists, cooked by global warming and endless other forms of ( usually) unnecessary worry. Yes the last few years were challenging for many people, especially financially. Lots of people were terrified that they were going to lose their jobs & in fact many of them did. What happened ? Did they die ?, no they didn’t . On the whole people I know either found a new better job or reassessed their lives, downsized or retrained in something far more rewarding than they had previously identified as ‘their reason for existing’

Why are we so afraid of our future ?

As we get older we become comfortable with patterns in our lives, most people seek out familiar situations that are not challenging. Young people are far more likely to face the future with optimism, it is in their code. Not all ‘older’ people slip in to a routine however, in fact it is the type of person who actively seeks out new experiences who is likely to feel more confident about what is around the corner.

How can I be more confident about where life is going to lead me ?

The first thing to do is identify negative or ‘safe’ thought patterns and appreciate them but incrementally replace them with something more useful.

A week ago I gave a reading to a lady who gets ‘the horrors’ ( her words) every Sunday at the prospect of going back to her job. I asked her to do me a favour and write down exactly what she imagined would happen when she returns to her office on Monday morning. Basically she always imagined her superiors telling her that she was not performing well enough and that she was one step away from losing her job. Guess what, she contacted me and told me that not only was that not the case, in fact the opposite was true, they thought she was doing an amazing job & wished that she would finally release her obviously amazing potential. From now on I have asked her to replace her Sunday night ‘horrors’ with the positive image and this has apparently had an amazingly transformational effect.

What incorrect thought patterns could you replace ?

I personally have had a fantastically relaxing and motivating couple of years. I hope the same is true for you ? This year is set to be a transformational year on so many levels. Here’s wishing you unprecedented success !!

Believe in Yourself, Keep looking to the future !


Paul O’Mara


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