The Five of Pentacles – What is really missing in your life ?

five of pentacles tarot meaning

The Five of Pentacles.

The Lord of Material Trouble

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Five of Pentacles Appearance

Five Pentacles glow in a snowy sky, in the distance a church with bright stained-glass windows waits

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation

When this card appears in reading we know that we are financially, spiritually or emotionally in trouble. If financial problems are at the root of this situation, this is the least of our worries as we can always acquire more money and recover from financial loss. Worry is inherent to the meaning of this card and really is a useless emotion, the bright church windows in the distance show us that we need to reach inside ourselves, release negativity and allow hope to guide us forward. The questioner is definitely facing some form of turmoil, be it through relationship problems or a loss of faith in their ability, they truly feel that they have lost their direction. The questioner needs to reunite with their inner faith, they must realise that as in the previous card their current situation and external realities all stem from their internal dialogue. Self-confidence needs to be developed, if we allow ourselves to wallow in the feelings of loss associated with this card we are in danger of leading ourselves down a very long dark path. The message of this card is to take control of yourself, surprisingly, help often appears from unexpected quarters with the Five. The secondary meaning of this card is not to neglect the feelings of others. Often when the five arrives we become so wrapped up in a our own problems that we neglect our relationships and the needs of those around us, compounding the anxiety. This card is certainly an unsettling omen, though the light shining from the church windows indicates that after a period of struggle, our cloud will probably have a silver lining. Finally, the message of the Five it is to keep things in perspective, are things truly as bad as they seem or are they worse in your mind than they are in the real world ?

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : The planet Mercury and the solidity of Taurus.

Alchemical Elements : Earth.

My Relationship with The Five of Pentacles

There is no getting away from it, this is one of my least favourite cards in the deck, all I hope for when I see a questioner drawn this card from my pack, or if it appears on my own reading, is that it relates to a period that is either mercifully shortlived or is already in the past. The Five embodies negativity and worry,  quite often when this card appears you are actually unable to see the reality of your current situation. If I draw the Five and I can relate it to a certain area of my life I always make sure I get a second opinion,  the Five always tells you to look at your life from the perspective of another. As soon as I draw the Five I know that I cannot dwell on what has gone wrong, I need to take responsibility and find the fastest initiative to pull me from this unpleasant time. Often people find me by searching tarot readers near me, in fact a psychic reading by phone can be as good if not better than face to face, depending on the reader. Instability in the Five corresponds to the unstable element mercury, this tells that things are not permanent by any means, and that rapid change for the better is just as likely to occur. When I draw the five I know that I undoubtedly face a challenge, I cannot, however, allow my circumstance to get the better of me.

The Five of Pentacles – Remember there is always someone far worse off than yourself.

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