Use the Lunar Power of the Moon to Connect With Your Dreams

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total lunar eclipse also known as a “Blood Moon"
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The moon has a huge influence on my life, the first card I created for my personal Tarot deck & constantly on my mind should I be under the effects of some lunar lunacy.  You may only know it as a satellite that orbits the earth, but it plays a much larger role than lighting up our sky at night. The moon is known for having a significant impact on our habits, emotions, reactions and subconscious. While the sun is a more stable source of light and life, the moon tends to be an often credited source for reactions and feelings. It rules over the part of us that is receptive, responsive and reflective. The moon’s power is even scientifically documented. Its gravitational forces are strong enough to affect the ocean’s tides; as beings that are made up of over 70% water, it’s unsurprising that it has an affect on us, too. Because the moon has such a strong connection to our subconscious, it also has an impact on our dreams. If you’ve ever wanted to connect with your dreams, the lunar power of the moon may be what you’ve been missing.
If you’re someone who has vivid dreams or keeps a dream journal, then no doubt you have noticed some patterns in your dreaming. If you haven’t, then try this: think back to your most intense or outrageous dreams and take a look at the calendar. Chances are, these dreams coincide with full moons. In addition to bringing us our most surreal dreams, studies have shown that the full moon causes us to sleep less, sleep more restlessly, and take longer to fall asleep. Perhaps that’s why our full moon dreams are so strange…
There are many sleep studies that have shown that while some people, like those who are depressed, have more detailed or vivid dreams, others barely dream at all. If you’re someone who is unable to connect well with your dreams, the secret to enhancing your connection could be to pay closer attention to the lunar phases. Many people who feel disconnected to their dreams simply forget the dreams that they do have, and they don’t even know that they forgot! The memory may have flashed through their mind in the morning and left before they even realised it was there. We remember our dreams best when we first wake up. To connect better with your dreams, use your calendar to track the moon’s cycle. Mark down the nights when there will be a full moon. After each of those nights, in the early hours of the next morning, wake yourself up with an alarm and immediately write down everything you remember about your dreams. Interestingly I always notice Ann increase in people texting a psychic from my psychic text service looking for fast interpretations of their dream. This is the time when your dreams will be the most vivid and by writing them down immediately, you’ll be able to read over, understand and connect with them better.
The lunar power of the moon truly does have a profound effect on our subconscious thoughts and feelings. During times of full moon, not only will you dream more, but your dreams are bound to be more realistic, detailed, and wild! Even for those that don’t dream often, by tracking the lunar phases, you could connect with your dreams better than you ever thought possible.
Here you can discover more detail about the meanings of the moon Tarot card. And if you have any questions or fragments of dreams that you would like to investigate a psychic reading with one of my recommended Clairvoyants could provide the answers you are looking for. 

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