Who are you judging ? Tarot Judgement & Temperance

Release the resentment
Who are you Judging?

Judgement & Blame, Change your perception, change your life …

If we make a conscious decision to erase negativity & judgement from our thought process the emotional burden of automatically judging all those we interact with can be lifted. This can have a huge impact on moving forward in life. I have just given a reading for a lovely lady who simply could not escape what she referred to as ‘her darkness’. In the position of her spread that related to interaction, my card that revealed itself was Judgement. One of the interpretations I have discovered related to this combination is that the questioner
may be trapped by being judgemental. By automatically judging others and apportioning blame all we are doing is perpetuating a cycle that will only ever attract negativity. It sounds simple & indeed it is.
If you think about it the concept of looking for the good in people or
situations is at the basis of practically every belief based system for
personal development. By only searching for positivity you will
automatically attract new happier opportunities into your existence.

“actively see the magic, the opportunity, the good in everybody”

The next card in the lady’s reading was also a powerful Major Arcana
card, Temperance. I find often in order to try & break limiting
patterns of behaviour, it is important to focus away from the negative
trait & shift our consciousness to a more beneficial mode of
thought. I asked my sitter to focus on the Temperance card, the calm
winged young woman standing with one foot on land & the other in a
cool flowing river, symbolising the shifting of ideas. The liquid
travelling horizontally between the vessels in her hand against the
laws of gravity, showing that change, however seemingly impossible was now within her grasp. Leaving this impression with my visitor I asked her to consciously challenge every judgemental thought as it arose & actively see the magic, the opportunity, the good in everybody.

Try this yourself, make a conscious decision to erase negativity &
Judgement from your thought process. A good place to start is a free tarot reading, make note of anything that brings up a negative reaction and try & reframe it to see the positives. I believe you will be surprised how the Universe repays you with light and opportunity.

Wishing you happiness & success, Paul xx

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