Tarot The Wheel of Fortune – Release uncertainty – Attract abundance

wheel of fortune tarot meaning

Yesterday I perused the Wheel of Fortune that has appeared with unusual regularity in many recent readings. My latest visitor confirmed that they were emerging from a period of uncertainty & had an underlying feeling of discontent. Even though she wanted to believe in the power of positivity, of attracting abundance, she kept reverting to the deep seated belief that she would never be able to release the insecurity that had always held her back.

As I listened I turned the final card, the outcome. The Major Arcana represents the lessons that must be learnt, the archetypes or behaviours that are the pages that form the story of every persons life.

The next chapter of this persons story suggested that perhaps by visualising The Wheel beginning to turn for her every time doubt crept in, this young lady could begin to accept abundance and manifest the life she had always desired.

This reading brought up ideas that I believe can benefit everyone …

Release the doubt. Accept finally & unconditionally that you can achieve anything you desire. You have exactly the same right as anybody, move out of your comfort zone, small changes can have big results.

Be honest with yourself. If doubt or fear is keeping you from moving forward, acknowledge this & challenge every self limiting thought as it arises.

Identify your purpose. When you finally understand why you are here & start to share your unique gifts with the world, life can become effortless bringing richness to every interaction.

I hope The Wheel of Fortune begins to turn for you,

To your success !

Paul O’Mara Tarot


The Wheel of Fortune

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