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My most popular spread is known as the Celtic Cross, and is the most well known, and most used spread of them all.

A Significator card is chosen, and placed on the table first, face up. The cards are then thoroughly shuffled by you, before handing them to the questioner to be shuffled further.

The cards are then placed face up in the following order :

The Significator is already face up on the table. The first card is placed directly on top of the Significator. The next card is placed crosswise on top of the first. The third is placed above these, and the is fourth placed below.

The first two cards represent the questioners emotions & intentions, and are read first. The third and fourth Tarot cards are the influences that affect these emotions, and are the next to be read.

The fifth card is placed to the left of the others, and is represents past influences.

The sixth card is the influence for the future, and is placed to the right of the others. After this card is read, you may ask the questioner whether this particular influence is present in their life yet.

The final four cards are place to the extreme right of the others in a vertical line. They are read from the bottom to the top.

An example of a Celtic Spread:

A quick overview of initial impressions that may arise :

“With the first four cards all being Major Arcana, I get the impression that your present emotions are being ruled by outside influences.

The first card being the Fool reversed, represents you, thinking of a new start. This could possibly travel, or a job, certainly a change of some kind. The first impression being that this change could possibly have an element of risk or excitement.

The Devil indicates that indeed an outside influence has been the temptation for this change, and could also have an obsessional element.

The third and fourth cards (Judgement and Wheel of Fortune), indicate there has been some serious thought put into this development, which has more than likely been brought about by a change of luck, or a possible improvement in finances. Therefore the tentative venture may not be as risky as my first impressions indicated.

The fifth card (Strength reversed) is the past influence, indicating that there has been a period of negative thinking holding you back. Possibly, a feeling of inadequacy regarding making future plans or abilities. It is apparent that some kind of positive change is imminent, though some work regarding self worth will be necessary to bring about a new approach to emotional thinking.

The sixth card (seven of Wands reversed) is the dominant factor representing the near future. Future plans should be dealt with methodically, make a list. A mistake at this point, or misinterpretation of advice could cause delay. You must stand your ground.

After a short period of consideration, and some minor changes have been made, a decision will be arrived at, or an opportunity will be presented to you, and positive changes ,will occur (signified by the seventh card, Death), bringing an end to a certain concern. With this will come a certain freedom.

The eighth card (ten of Pentacles) indicates that the success of this change is the result of accumulative past efforts, and it will be felt that this change should have been made long ago.

The Magician indicates that creative ideas will emerge, and will bring the beginning of a bright new future. You have the ability to literally create your ideal future now.

The tenth card (seven of Swords reversed), tells that all will be well in the future, and perseverance will ensure that that the ball keeps rolling. However emotional baggage & burdens that have been weighing you down must now be completely released.”

Further notes on the Celtic Cross

This reading is perfect for a general overview. No specific questions need to be asked by the questioner

When a specific question is directly asked, the significator card can be one that represents the question. With a question of romance, one of the Cup cards may be used, and finances may be represented by one of the Pentacle cards etc. The entire reading may then be based on the question.

Time zones have not be mentioned in respect to this reading, as this interpretation will differ from one reader to the other. The future cards in the Celtic Cross layout, represent approximately six to eight weeks. Go with your own instincts and intuition, you will be surprised by your accuracy. Once you get the ‘feel’ of the cards, you will be able to work out your own time factors.

Another method to predict future influences, is to place the significator card on the table, and after the questioner has shuffled the cards, lay twelve cards around the significator in a circle, rather like a clock, either face up or face down. Each of these cards will represent a month.

The card at the one o’clock position can represent January, two o’clock February, and so on. Locate the card that represents the present month, and read the one following. Keep going around the circle clockwise, reading each card in turn. This will give a general forecast for the following twelve months.

There is no hard and fast rule for reading the Tarot. You will develop your own style and method as you gain experience, remember this experience is based on your intuitive impressions from a deck of painted cards. You hold great responsibility in what is said to the questioner & an ethical code is imperative. Under no circumstances discuss medical or legal implications. If these questions are raised always point the questioner in the direction of the relevant professional body.

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