Three Keys to Letting Go of the Past to Create a Welcoming Future

release the past

This week I have been working with a small group of fabulous people on changing perceptions about who they are & where they are headed. Most surprising was that all of them associated themselves with who they were, not who they are, or more importantly who they could become.

If you’re unsure of your future or find that you can never seem to build a future for yourself no matter your plans, you may want to think about whether or not you’re letting go of the past to let in that welcoming future.

Your past affects your future the way negative energy affects positive energy; you cannot get in anything positive if it is being crowded out by the negative. The same is true with your past; you cannot let in a bright and welcoming future if you have a perceived negative past that you won’t put behind you. My daily Horoscopes are designed to enable you to focus on the positives. My selected Psychics & Clairvoyants are always available to provide inspirational readings to reveal your answers and guide you to your brighter future. If you search for psychic reading near me there is a good chance you will land on my pages. Though my selected psychics may not be physically near you it doesn’t matter, they have proven time & time again that they don’t need to be physically near you to give you an amazing reading.

Release the Past

Actually letting go of things from your past that are crowding out a bright future can be easier said than done, but consider three keys for doing this right now in your life, to manifest your perfect future.

1. Get rid of actual items from the past.

Items from your past can be full of negative energy. This can be mementos from a failed relationship, paperwork from a job that was un-fulfilling, or even things from an unhappy childhood. Go through your home and get rid of things from your past that you feel are negative and which don’t add value to your life. This will help you to let go and to make room for new and more positive experiences.

2. Do something different from your past.

One good way of letting go of the past is to start a new routine, fresh from all your old habits. As an example, suppose you always go to the same location for your holiday. Start a fresh future for yourself by trying a new location in a brand new setting. You can do this in small ways too, for example, you might go out with the same friends every Friday night. These friends might be a reminder of your past and may even be limiting your growth, so maybe consider making some new friends and starting a new routine for the weekend.

Letting go of old habits can often be a first step to letting go of the past. It can also be a great stepping stone for creating a better and brighter future for yourself.

3. Change something about yourself.

Sometimes something as simple as getting a new haircut, losing a few pounds, or buying yourself a few new wardrobe pieces are all that’s needed to bring in a fresh future. Changes like these bring in new and more positive energy and can help you to let go of the old you, including pieces of your past. Think for a moment, how do you really see yourself ? What beliefs have you built up as to what you can achieve ?. The truth is you have as much right as anyone, and probably as many opportunities. A lady I have been working with this week finally opened up to me. She saw herself as the dyslexic child that had been told she would never achieve anything, was useless & couldn’t even speak properly. What I saw before me was a vibrant, beautiful young woman. In a fulfilling relationship & well respected in a high pressure career. It is strange how we perceive ourselves, when to others we may appear totally different. The internal voice can be a dangerous enemy & we must learn to constantly focus on the positives to ensure that we can grow to the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. The unique wonderful individual that the Universe wants us to be.

What self limiting beliefs and remnants of your past can you release now ? Take some time to focus on these, thank them, and then release them. Then make a pact with yourself to accept praise & feel proud at all of your positives and achievements.

How great can you truly become ? Your future is waiting, embrace it now with the enthusiasm of a child.

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