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Seven of Wands

seven of wands tarot meaning

Stand your ground

Clarity, Courage, Belief

Lord of Valor

On my Seven of Wands, the hand of a young warrior fights off six challenges

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The Seven of Wands embodies the need for the person who receives it to realise that though they appear to face conflict, they have the power to return the attack. The problem may appear multi faceted & they should be careful to plan their response in advance before their actions actually end up making things worse. Under no circumstances should anyone turning over this card be drawn ‘into battle ‘ unless the cause is truly worth fighting.

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Knee jerk reactions to situations always cause trouble as the Seven stirs up strong emotions that may lead to speaking out of turn & regretting this for many months. Does the situation you find yourself in justify any response at all ? Would you be better served by remaining impassive. When you see the Seven, straighten your spine & be prepared for what you believe in, be true as your integrity may be challenged, the Seven gives you the strength to fight your battles. Stand up for your beliefs.

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