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Hi There, Tarot is my life’s work & I am proud of my deck & research. Many people ask me how to move their interest to the next level, here are some hints based on my earliest experiences.

How to develop your Tarot reading technique – The minors the majors & the court cards in a Tarot spread

Tarot readings can provide direction on any situation. Sometimes people who come to you to consult the cards will present a direct question, in this situation you can use a ‘significator’ ( a card that is relevant to the question being asked, for example if someone has romantic or partnership questions then The Lovers or the Two of Cups could be drawn ).

What to do if the questioner offers no specific question or simply wants a general reading, where then do you start ?

Most people are overwhelmed when they first begin to give Tarot readings themselves. Remember Tarot is only a tool, each key can represent different life experiences & only becomes relevant when the image begins to spark your intuition. When beginning each reading the minor arcana or lesser secrets will usually reveal the overall concerns of the questioner. If the questioner doesn’t present an actual question, which would prompt you to choose a ‘significator’ card. Then you should try & pick up an impression by the story building with the minors that appear in the spread.

Each suit has a correspondence to different areas of a persons life. For example, if you see a prevalence of Cups cards in a reading, then it is fair to say that there would be emotional concerns surrounding the questioner. Pentacles often refer to matters of finance. Wands very often refer to a period of creativity, especially around new projects. Should there be a concentration of Swords cards then a powerful period of challenge requiring a great deal of thought is indicated before a solution can be reached.

From a numerological point of view each card within each suit represents how developed the situation is. The Aces are the spark, the initiation of a development. As we get closer to the Ten in each suit then we are heading towards the completion of events.

When Court cards appear in the reading you can interpret their involvement at a very basic level by relating the following examples. The Pages, younger people who will have influence. Knights, dynamic people who will affect the outcome. The Queens, women who will reveal something that is relevant. The Kings, men who will bring something to bear on how the situation develops. As your understanding of Tarot develops, by using these general overviews & layering on the specific meaning for each court card, you will be amazed at how quickly your abilities develop. Finally when everything drops in to place & your intuition is fired by the images on the cards, your Tarot readings will move to an entirely different level. You will begin to pick up on scenarios that are not represented in your deck & develop a very strong rapport with whoever comes to you for a reading.

The Major Arcana, or greatest secrets are the ‘Big guns’ of The Tarot experience. The Lovers, The Magician, The World. Each one of these powerful archetypes relates to a major life event, a paradigm shift in a person’s reality. Should more than one Major key appear in a persons reading, then great changes await. This is a much more frequent occurrence than you may at first think. Personally I feel that it is because people often wait to consult me for a reading until they feel that changes are set to occur. Each Major key has far reaching significance & as such should be treated with respect. Often the questioner will have a subliminal reaction to the Major cards, this is why you should be familiar with these archetypes before you introduce them in to your readings. It is crucially important that you are comfortable around the cards that are perceived as ‘scary’. Death for example does not signify physical Death, however due to the way Tarot has been represented Death, the Devil & any of the ‘darker’ cards can cause an unexpected reaction in the questioner that must be well managed by the reader. Always remember it is your responsibility to send the questioner away feeling empowered & any misinterpretation can leave dangerous impressions in the mind of the sitter.

I hope this post inspires you to try a different approach in your readings.
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