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Tarot in Psychic Readings – The Regal Arch Spread

The Regal Arch Tarot spread is a simple nine card layout, which unsurprisingly, takes the shape of an arch. This Tarot spread is usually used for a quick general reading when time is limited.

It isn’t necessary to use a Significator for this spread. The questioner shuffles the cards until she feels comfortable that they are well mixed. Using their left hand, the cards are cut into three separate piles. They are then gathered up into a single packet in any order.

This is my preferred method of cutting the Tarot deck, and I  use it almost always for all of the Tarot spreads I use regularly.

The Tarot cards are taken back by the reader and laid face down in the following order forming the arch:

The first three cards represent the past, the second three (4 5, and 6) signify the present, and the final three, the possible future outcome. If a theme for the reading is required, the fifth card can be placed face up. This being the significator card, will then represent the focus of the layout, and can be the influence for the reading. It is not necessary to use the significator card in this way, although if it is not clear if the sitter has any particular questions, it can reveal underlying influences.

The usual method for this spread is to read card number one first, then number two, and so on until the reading is complete. If, when turning the first card over, you do not receive an impression, turn the next two cards over simultaneously, you will then feel a pattern emerge. Reading the cards in blocks of three, will make it a lot easier for you, especially if you are just learning to trust your intuition.

From the first three cards, you should get an impression of the questioners situation & recent past. You should reveal the story shown on the cards, to confirm your thoughts, that you are on the right track. Cards four, five and six will represent the present situation. When you come to card number five, mention this as being the significator and slide it forward. Next, read the final three Tarot cards, the possible influence for the future.

Example Tarot Regal Arch reading

Quick interpretation :
“There has been some unexpected news or good fortune in the recent past, and possibly the loss of faith in an acquaintance, in your circle perhaps (6 Wands reversed). This has brought about a paradigm shift in your thoughts, along with some new found faith in your intuition (Strength).

Some thoughts or even plans for future travel with someone close have more than likely been made (6 Swords). There also appears to have been some recent news of, or from, an old friend ( Knight of Cups reversed).

The fifth card, which is the key card, represents present emotions, and indicates there may be some concern whether or not there will be an improvement in finances linked to following your dream, plus if a positive change will take place in regard to a certain relationship (King of Wands).

This change may have already- begun to manifest (Ten Swords reversed), but be on the alert for some unfounded gossip.

There will be a period when things will seem to come to a standstill, this will be a a good time for relaxation, spiritual focus, and to plan ahead.  (Four of Swords reversed),

A decision will be made, but not before some careful consideration and protracted weighing up of the situation (Two of Pentacles reversed).

The outcome is very good indeed for everyone concerned. Plans and decisions will all work out to your best advantage (Ace Cups). After the reading is where I would layer on my intuitive impressions. This Spread is great for a quick focused Tarot experience.

To your success x Paul

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