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Planetary Rulers of the Zodiac Signs
In astrology, every zodiac sign has a ruling planet. This post reveals those connections.

Fun with Horoscopes & Astrology. I LOVE having fun with the wonders of the Zodiac & get very bored with trines & self important know all’s who bang on about ‘Herschel & Uranus blah de blah’. That’s why a meeting I had last night has inspired me.

On a particularly busy tube ( yes they all are after the Olympic gloss has left London unfortunately ! ). I was updating my Astrology horoscope pages on my laptop ( after blagging a seat due to my increasingly dodgy hip ). I became aware that the lady next to me was watching my DreamWeaver efforts. Unable to resist anymore I said ” Can I help you ?” Meeting her glinting glaze. As I said that ” A good service is operating on all underground lines “ boomed out, my neighbour in a thick American accent announced to the whole carriage : ” Where ? In some kind of parallel Universe !”. I love moments like that & we both screamed laughing. She then proceeded to give me her impressions of each starsign as I went through my page, which I have tried to list below. You can click on the link for each horoscope for my daily starsigns. I was chortling with laughter by the time we rocked in to Shepherd’s Bush, as the page was being updated in response to an internet troll who had been particularly disgruntled about an error on my site & this incident really put things in perspective. I said thank-you for that to my new friend, you made my day & you are ? To which the response was “You’re the psychic, you tell me ! ” before slipping off in to the madness of the Uxbridge road. ! How FABULOUS ! xxx

My new friends observations on each Star Sign & New Daily horoscope pages

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