Learning the Tarot, Can anyone Learn to read Tarot cards ?

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Learning The Tarot

Who are qualified to read the Tarot? Anyone who has studied its principles, gained an understanding of the various meanings, or have used their own initiative and creative imagination to arrive at the many positive conclusions or outcomes that can be derived from this fantastic oracle. All you need is to be grabbed by the Tarot bug & you are good to go !. Further study will allow you to begin to interpret the allegorical and symbolic meanings, again preferably in a positive and uplifting manner, then your readings will begin to be increasingly sought out by others ; fascinated not only by the mystery of Tarot, but also your ability to encourage them to follow their intuition towards achieving their authentic life.
Remembering always that the Tarot is a positive tool, it must only be used to instill confidence and inspiration to those who are receiving the reading.
In the following posts, you will learn very basic meanings of the Tarot cards and
how to put a reading together, this should hopefully spark your intuition & lead to a lifelong relationship with the Tarot. If any unfavorable influences should appear in
a layout, there are examples of how these can be turned around to become
more positive.
These posts have been written in response to the often asked question “How
can I learn so many sequences and meanings, plus the reverse meanings of
the seventy eight Tarot cards?”
The majority of Tarot card readers pick up their own meanings for the various cards by intuition during the reading. My system of Tarot tuition makes this extremely easy to learn.
Read through the posts first, as this will give you some idea of the basic
meanings of the cards. Then refer to the instructions describing the quick reference guide which accompanies the posts.

Reading the Tarot for others.
When you begin your Tarot readings for others, all you will need in front
of you will be the quick reference guide and your Tarot deck. After a short
time, you will begin to receive your own intuitive meanings for the cards, and
you will be able to dispense with the guide as it will become part of you. The time this will take differs for everybody, and will mainly depend on how often you practice your readings.


Reading for others is a very responsible task, and you must be very careful what is relayed to the Querent (person receiving the reading), as you can be sure they will remember long after the reading has finished . It is quite unethical to refer to legal matters or health issues.
My system of leaning the Tarot is extremely easy, and I’m sure you will have no problems with it. I wish you every success in your quest to master this amazing inspiring oracle !.
The Minor Arcana and the Four Suits
Each of the four suits is associated to one the elements. and relates to a specific area in the spectrum of everyday life.
Wands: Associated element is fire. Relates to business. creativity. initiative.
and enterprise.
Cups: Associated element is water. Relates to Emotions, companionship and
creative development.
Swords: Associated element is air. Relates to important decisions. professional and specialist matters, challenges and ambitions. and can also be connected to travel and change.
Pentacles: Associated element is earth. Relates to resources. values. and materialism.

Books on the Tarot
Reading a number of different books on the Tarot can be rather confusing, as each of them usually offer a different meaning for the individual cards. The best method to gain an understanding, is by using your own intuition. Take each card, study it, and Write down your thoughts and interpretations. Compare these with the interpretations here & in the following posts, and you will very soon begin to acquire an understanding & personal style of your own.
The Tarot is depicted on the posts that follow. accompanied by the individual meanings followed by key words to make it easy for you to be able to put together a reading. There are many posts on the meaning and interpretation on my blog & of course my Tarot site, where-ever possible I will cross reference to provide as much information as I can to lead you along the Royal Road of Tarot ! Enjoy the Journey !

Stay tuned for my next post: The suit of Wands

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