Fall in Love with Yourself, Today & Everyday

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My very favourite ‘love’ quote:

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. Your really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”.

Lucille Ball

If your friends feed of loved up holidays is making you green, or you are half a glass a wine from dialling your ex, it’s time for you to indulge in some serious self care.

  1. Love your body

Do something that makes your body buzz, if that’s hit the gym fine. If it’s skip the gym & head straight for the steam room that’s fine too! Just do something that focuses on your physical body.

  1. Social self care

Check your social calendar. Are you feeling nourished by your friendships & interactions? If you dread meeting certain people as you know it will be ‘all about them’ you know the type the energy draining emotional vampires, maybe it’s time to seek out more time with those people you know who leave you feeling valued & energised.

  1. Psychic self care

Listen to your inner voice. Not the constant one that drives you mad, the one that actually looks out for you. In addition do things that stretch your mental comfort zone, watch movies that inspire, read books that feed your obsessions, learn to read tarot cards for friends & family. Anything that stretches your mind is perfect to keep your mental health sharp & hungry for the future.

  1. Spiritual self care

Meditation or chanting, tarot, hypnosis, prayer. Whatever fuels your spiritual development be sure to spend some time topping up your spiritual battery & connection to the universe.

  5. Emotional self care

Asses your emotions, don’t box up situations to deal with them later, that is asking for trouble. Talk to your friends, join an emotional support group, whatever it takes to ride the emotional rollercoaster we call life.

⁣⁣⁣Valentines Day

I’m full of the joys of Spring & it’s almost time for the organised love fest that is Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t loved up I hope Cupids arrow finds you quick! If you are on your own, that’s fab too, love yourself first. Make a plan to love you, maybe get in a hot bath with a lovely drink & remember just how awesome you are!

 if you are grumpy about Valentine’s Day, sending you loads of virtual love & hugs (GAG I know 🙂 A phone tarot reading could be exactly what you need to uncover any tall dark stranger action that may be headed your way, check out my updated live psychics feed.


My parents loved each other, yet their relationship was toxic. I think they thought they were soulmates & like a lot of people just kept going. My mother was fiery, my father could be dark & broody. There were endless breakups, dad would ‘work away’ for long periods, my mother hiding behind the sofa from the rent man.

I often wish they had had one spectacular night of passion, the ultimate one night stand. Then let each other go. Yet they came back again & again, emotionally scarred, promising it would be different. Then the endless rows, calling it quits before the spark would reignite, the battle would begin again. Are you thinking about relationships? My free relationship tarot reading would be a good place to see where your head is at right now.

For many years I thought it was my destiny to reinvent & relive my parents story. I was lucky to be shown more emotional tools than those that were available to my parents. I was taught to love myself first, that everything else would follow. I am undoubtedly one of the lucky ones.

You don’t have to live in the same bad movie of your life, you can change the channel, decide to create a happier story.

If Astrology is your thing my marriage of 18 years is Aries Libra, all good if only he was a bit more adventurous & would make a decision once in  a while. ‘Just choose something to eat off the f****** menu before one of us dies!”

We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have available. All broken, looking for that one soul that will pick up our pieces, patch them together with their broken pieces, hold us & say ‘We are OK now, you are safe”

This Valentines If you’ve found your soulmate or not, it’s OK. Love yourself unconditionally today, that is the only gift that matters, today & everyday

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