Why Are Millennials Switched On By The Power Of Tarot?

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Divine your path by the light of the Sun & Moon Tarot.

New Tribes Looking For Ancient Answers

Why is Tarot suddenly so popular with Milennials & Gen Z? Everyone around you seems to either swear by their trusted Tarot reader or is trying to learn Tarot themselves. The captivating images of the cards flood your Instagram feed and readings for the collective suddenly appear on your TikTok’s For you Page. You’re intrigued. Why do people keep coming back to it? What benefits can it bring about?

Millennials and Gen Z were born into a very different world than their parents. They were born into a planet where climate change is now a very concerning reality. Their world is a world where political and social uncertainty is the norm rather than the exception, especially after the pandemic. While their parents may have found comfort within established religion, it is natural that the newer generations question the establishment and turn to counterculture and New Age spirituality to have their spiritual needs met. 

Established religions seem too structured to todays seekers who are embracing New Age Spirituality, such as tarot. Young people are now turning to tarot as a way to find their purpose and their way in life. As well as being an oracle for divination Tarot can provide a structured path for personal development. Tarot also attracts a dedicated community of like-minded individuals, especially thanks to the availability of technological channels of communication.

Tarot offers a more relaxed way of being spiritual, as you can commit to it as much as you want. You can commit as far as getting a monthly reading from your favorite tarot reader, or you can become an expert on the tarot cards yourself, with many ways to be involved in the practice in between. This is very different from following a traditional religion which might require a strict adherence to daily or weekly practices and/or a conversion process. You might even choose to follow a traditional belief system and believe in Tarot at the same time, as it is not a religion and it doesn’t require you to believe in it exclusively. 

In addition, Tarot offers ancient archetypes that many people feel represented by. The reason why the images of the Major Arcana have survived so many years is that everyone feels represented by the Fool’s Journey. Each stage in the journey is one that depicts the full gamut of the human experience with both the positive and the negative. These fascinating images offer new insight into collective experiences. 

If done well, Tarot is much more than a simple superficial prediction. Tarot can invite you on a journey towards your own inner self. It can show you your mistakes and accomplishments from an outside perspective. It invites you to improve some aspects of your personality, see your Shadow Self clearly and integrate it. A healthy regular Tarot practice can lead you to self-awareness and towards seeing all the opportunities life has for you. 

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