Powerful Pisces Full Moon, Reach For That Dream

The Harvest Moon, What Rewards Await Us?

HARVEST MOON: HOW DOES THE SEPTEMBER 2021 FULL MOON AFFECT US? That dream, you know the one, needs dusting off this Full Moon. Fire your ambition, make a plan, success is closer than you think. Step in The The Moon Tarot Card, What Secrets Will Be Revealed? Of all the lunar cycle phases, the Full… Continue reading Powerful Pisces Full Moon, Reach For That Dream

Tarot Chatbot Has Your Answers – Can AI reveal Your Future?

Always Here To Talk Tarot & Astrology. Does Artificial Intelligence Have Your Answers?

Omaratarot Bot: A One-of-a-Kind AI Chatbot  I can only give so many readings, my free readings are very popular but for a few years I have been looking for a mini me to perform the meet & greet on my sites. I’m fascinated by the technology & love that my bot is able to learn,… Continue reading Tarot Chatbot Has Your Answers – Can AI reveal Your Future?

Why Are Millennials Switched On By The Power Of Tarot?

Divine your path by the light of the Sun & Moon Tarot.

New Tribes Looking For Ancient Answers Why is Tarot suddenly so popular with Milennials & Gen Z? Everyone around you seems to either swear by their trusted Tarot reader or is trying to learn Tarot themselves. The captivating images of the cards flood your Instagram feed and readings for the collective suddenly appear on your… Continue reading Why Are Millennials Switched On By The Power Of Tarot?

take your medicine

⁣Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion

not talking about prescribed medicine, OBVS take that. I mean the medicine that is the treatment that enables you to take on the madness that happens between your ears. The fuel that ignites your passion, lets you take on the challenge of the day to day. I have friends whose medicine is gardening, others crosswords,… Continue reading take your medicine

Justice – Find Your Balance

Tarot today – Justice. She’ll hit me with her karma for sure if I’ve stepped out of line 🙂 Justice is the card of balance, where harmony is restored and clarity achieved. She is the Daughter of the Lord of Truth, of equality and of right prevailing over wrong. “allow the sword of Justice to… Continue reading Justice – Find Your Balance

The Spiritual Power of Birds

Animal Omens – Really intense dreams lately, some serious lunar lunacy stirring up my subconscious. Asked for some inspiration last night & was rewarded with a fantastic dream sequence of flying like a raven, one of my favourite misunderstood creatures. Such powerful dreams I almost feel inspired to create an animal divination deck, another great… Continue reading The Spiritual Power of Birds

Tree of Life Tarot Reading

TREE OF LIFE TAROT READING The Tree of Life Tarot reading uses the central diagram of Kabbalah to explore your life path. The almost endless links of these magical symbols never cease to fascinate me, I have used the tree reading for many years. You can try the Tree of Life reading for yourself on… Continue reading Tree of Life Tarot Reading

Dreamers & Storytellers

To all the dreamers & storytellers. Tarot for me is a dance of two souls, I’m preparing to log on to a few spiritual Wi-Fis, put in my few pennies worth as to what path the gorgeous souls that present could possibly take to revitalise their perspective. I have been re-dreaming my journey through the… Continue reading Dreamers & Storytellers