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Focus Your mind, connect to your inner power
Connect to your inner power

Connect to Your True Power

Do you get waves of feeling powerless? Almost hopeless? If you have, & I know you have, there’s no reason to feel anxious. We have all felt that way! One of the default settings of the human condition is to feel occasionally unnerved. Sensitive people & people who have opened up to a spiritual quest tend to feel things more deeply. When you begin to feel at soul level, true honesty with yourself, people & places & things will rise up & make you feel challenged. There is only one way to get rid of that feeling: to realise that your only power is within you & begin to nurture that energy & harness that power. When you realise the strength of your inner power- and learn how to harness it- you will be invincible. Here are some tips on how to harness your inner power:

Realise your body is just a vessel

It can be hard to separate your body from your soul. You use your body to do things every day, from making the bed to going for a jog. However, the reality is that you are not your body. Your body is simply a vessel. It’s what’s in your body that matters- your soul. When you accept that your body is just a vessel, you can learn how to harness your inner power. Your inner power and your soul are intrinsically linked and when you can connect to one, you can connect with the other. I believe that each of us needs some tools to unlock our true potential. Undoubtedly the keys that have unlocked my destiny, my reality are embedded in The Tarot. I believe The Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities. Every story ever conceived can be played out in a Tarot spread, it is up to us to manifest it as our reality.

Truly Believe in the power of your mind

If you want to harness your inner power, you need to believe in the power of your mind. Your mind is immensely powerful. The saying mind over matter is absolutely true. We give way too much power to our body, when in reality, it’s not what controls us. When you can believe in the power of your mind, you can use that to connect with your own inner power.

Stop getting in your own way

One of the biggest roadblocks to harnessing your inner power is you! It’s easy to doubt our inner power because it’s intangible. What we can’t see is hard to believe in. However, our inner power isn’t Santa Clause or The Easter Bunny. Your inner power is real and it can help you do incredible things. But you need to stop getting in your own way! Trust your gut, believe in your inner power and stop doubting yourself! 

Quiet the outside noise

Meditation can improve our natural instincts. However, it’s hard to hear your inner voice when there is so much outside noise. If you want to connect to your inner power, you’ll need to hear what it’s saying. Be sure to get enough quiet time in your day so you can harness your inner power. Buddhist relate to this as ‘the thousand things’, the myriad distractions we face on a daily basis to keep us from our true path. I find chanting is an amazing tool to focus my mind, have you ever tried it? Give a listen to the buddhist chants here, they may be the frequencies you need to quiet you mind & focus your intentions.

There is no feeling better than harnessing your inner power. When you realise the strength that you possess within yourself, it can completely change your outlook on life. No longer will your nosy coworker make your blood boil, nor will arriving late to a meeting feel like the end of the world. The only power that you will ever need is within you, connect to it now.

Whenever I am feeling like I need a personal Power injection I meditate on the Meanings of the Strength Tarot Card

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However this page finds you as always I wish you only the best. May today bring you everything you desire.

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