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It is of course true that your thoughts, your perception of your environment create your reality. If you can harness your thought process & focus on the positives, whilst addressing those areas that have a negative impact on your life, you really can carve out a new life, even create the life of your dreams. Truly, your thoughts become things.
One of the most effective techniques I have found for changing my perception and using my subconscious to create new opportunities, eradicate limiting beliefs and move towards my goals is self hypnosis.

I am delighted to be back in Colombo where I first discovered hypnosis & meditation many years ago, in fact I still have those MP3’s on this computer & hope again to meet up with th Monks who so inspired me. You can read my previous post on this link : ‘Meditation look inside & find your true power’

Self Hypnosis
Self-hypnosis or auto suggestion is a technique by which you can train yourself to programme your mind by implanting new beliefs whilst in the subconscious state. Self-hypnosis techniques follow various methods to accomplish an endless variety of objectives. Anyone can easily get used to moving into a state of creative visualisation or self-induced cognitive dreaming by embracing self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis can be learnt and practiced by anybody, one of the most effective methods though is to use a recording by a professional hypnotherapist. You can download a free release your potential hypnosis technique in MP3 format here : Free Hypnotherapy MP3. This was prepared for me by an extremely talented hypnotherapist, Robert Matthews. Robert has worked in Harley Street & with many ‘A’ list celebrities. I have had many sessions with Robert & can’t recommend him highly enough. While it is easy to understand the process of self hypnosis & realise that it is a totally safe process, it is important to say that it shouldn’t be practiced while driving or operating machinery. You should be relaxed in a situation where you won’t be disturbed and always maintain focus on the goal you wish to achieve.

Techniques of Hypnosis
There are many techniques for inducing self-hypnosis, my favourite is an audio track that induces progressive relaxation through mental visual imagery. I am extremely creative & find creating visual images extremely easy, so the classics, such as going down steps in my mind, work very well for me. It is when in this relaxed state that changes can be made on a subconscious level.

Visual imagery is the perfect technique that after closing your eyes can take you on an imaginary journey that removes you from your everyday distractions. When you listen to the sounds and suggestions you eventually begin to be able to really immerse yourself in the process and sometimes actually see everything as if it is happening in your current reality.

Tarot & visualisation
Obviously Tarot is my main focus, I never tire of mentally stepping through the door of each Tarot card. Every time I focus my mind & decide to mentally travel into the realm of a Tarot card I am never disappointed. Some un-discovered meaning, some subtle nuance of the card will reveal itself to my subconscious. Hypnosis has taken me on many a happy journey through the meanings of Tarot & I believe that hypnosis has sharpened my relationship with these magical images. Many people from the business world through to the sports arena appreciate that by visualising an improved ability it is truly possible to manifest this in to your reality.

Though it is suggested that sensory deprivation, being in the dark or removed from external distractions such as sound while practicing self-hypnosis is necessary, I am not convinced. One hypnotherapist implanted a post hypnotic suggestion that told me external sounds, if not something I needed to be concerned about, would only serve to send me deeper in to trance & I have found that to be true.

Self-hypnosis has been a major discovery for me & I cannot recommend it enough. True it doesn’t work for everybody, but if you are the creative visualisation type why not give it a go ? Who knows where the power of Your mind could lead you ?

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