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Communicating with spirit is the area of Psychic research that quite rightly brings up the hottest debate. I have visited very many Spiritualist mediums in my research. Many were, I’m afraid to say, not very good, to put it kindly! Some were outright charlatans, often preying on peoples emotions to make a fast buck and a few others were seriously deluded. I remember one lady who quite excitedly told me that she had an astronaut appearing to her who would like to say hello. I expressed surprise & then enquired the name of said astronaut, as there have been relatively few & I should be able to easily verify who they were. She did not take kindly to this at all & told me I was not ready to receive her gift. Having said all that I am lucky enough, in my opinion, to have received messages that defy normal channels of explanation. What I am saying is if you feel the need to consult a medium then you should immediately feel a connection with them & from the information provided make your own informed choice of their abilities. Mediumship is an interesting study, apparently budding mediums experience shimmering images of people and are able to go in to trance & pass messages though that can be verified. In my apartment in Istanbul myself & my neighbours were definitely aware of a mischievous presence that almost required intervention from a professional. One of my neighbours, a big chap, who really didn’t believe in the supernatural, came round to the idea when one night he repeatedly heard someone whispering his name in his apartment. Apparently the hairs on the back of his neck stood up & after that he was much more sympathetic to our insistence that we had ‘ a lodger’. I have also been present at the physical passing of several friends and have had surprising details related to me by spiritualist friends. Losing someone whom you love is never easy, but when they pass over without you having had the chance to say your goodbyes it can feel as though you will never have closure on your relationship. Perhaps its the knowledge that you never got to tell them something important, never got to say a final ‘I love you’ or simply never got to see them before they died. Whatever your reasons, it is a heaviness that we, as emotional beings carry around with us for far longer than we should.

So what can we do to make the hurt or the guilty feelings go away?
Accept them for what they are, and remember that wherever the spirits of our loved ones may be they know how you are feeling. They know all of the things that you wanted to say, and they know that you tried your best. The fact that they cannot tell you themselves is frustrating, as they can see you suffering needlessly whilst they are at peace.

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