Astrology, Can Your birthchart release the magic of Your true potential?

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Astrology & Horoscopes to release your inner self

Most people don’t understand how Astrology works & wouldn’t know an ephemeris from their elbow. Quite frankly most people don’t actually care. I try & keep my Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes light & inspiring, without too much planetary mumbo-jumbo. Although Astrology is regarded by some to be based in scientific principles. People who consult their star sign online, in magazines or daily papers don’t want to hear the complicated calculations, they want to hear something that grabs their attention, makes them think and relates to their situation.

Your free Astrology Birthchart

In this Age of Aquarius how the planets are affecting us, or the collective people of each zodiac sign, is still taken seriously by those interested in un-ravelling the complicated twists & turns of their lives. The allure of the horoscope stretches back to as far as when man first looked to the skies & attempted to understand the patterns & trajectories of our solar system. Astrology can help us understand our life & take us outside of the daily humdrum of our commitments, to appreciate the things that make us special or unique & even reveal our true life path. When we start to look for the path that is our personal calling, the thing that puts us ‘in the zone’, that elusive element which makes us feel like we have found our true purpose, we are undertaking an exciting & revealing journey. Astrology, and indeed many other systems, such as the Tarot or Numerology can give us indicators & spark our psyche that could help us finally connect with our true destiny, our life’s purpose.

Astrology can tell you a great deal about your self. Astrologers can compose your personal birth chart based on complex systems & symbols, the correspondences to the position of the solar system on the moment of your birth. Each Astrological chart is different, each we like to believe reveals the personal life story of that person. When combined with the Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana of Tarot, I think a person’s chart comes alive & reveals not only their dreams & ambitions, but also any roadblocks that may be holding them back from reaching their true potential.

A horoscope or Astrology chart can really help to get to the very core of a person. Whatever star sign or Zodiac corresponds there are astrological definitions that correspond to that Sun sign & offer advice on character types or possible career paths. I have a basic Astrology page on my site that does just that. Many other factors contribute to each individuals Astrological chart that reveal what they are truly passionate about, those hidden interests that could lead them in a new direction. A phone tarot reading is a perfect place to start if you are interested in the combination of Tarot & Astrology & how it affects your current path. When this happens life can become far more enjoyable & in some cases almost effortless, this is when a person is said to be operating in ‘their zone’. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this balanced position, you should feel truly blessed. This is a very happy state of existence & allows you to follow your instincts & live the live that we all ultimately aspire to, and indeed deserve.

I hope that you continue to manifest everything you desire, Best Always, Paul O’Mara 

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