Tarot is increasingly in Vogue with Millenials

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Tarot is ‘in fashion’ at the moment. That is all well & good, I have a degree in fashion, it is no surprise that the rich imagery & spooky aesthetic is ‘in Vogue’. What is really interesting is that a younger generation are drawn to the Tarot & increasingly ask me to portray a spooky character when giving readings, especially around Halloween. I like it & it is completely in keeping with the darker side of the human experience. As long as the reading is authentic I have no problem & don’t think it in anyway belittles the Tarot ritual.

“The younger clientele are looking for a more authentic experience. Unicorns & ‘Love & Light’ simply doesn’t cut it for them”

What is becoming obvious is that young people are increasingly disenfranchised with the upside down world we currently inhabit. Seeking solace in ancient wisdom makes perfect sense & I am finding it extremely cathartic to give readings ‘for a bit of fun’ that ultimately, through the inherent power of the Tarot experience, end up being truly inspiring & motivating for the sitter & myself.

The younger clientele are looking for a more authentic experience. Unicorns & ‘Love & Light’ simply doesn’t cut it for them & they challenge & excite me as a Tarot consultant, pushing my buttons & forcing me to up my game.
Have you tried my talking readings? My popular free Tarot Readings online have been getting great feedback, I am so happy with the response & engagement. Younger people especially have told me that the readings helped them feel relaxed, confident & positive about the future. Exactly the feelings I was trying to evoke when I visualised the readings based on many hundreds of face to face readings throughout my life. Find the link below & let me know what you think, I would truly love to know …


The painted pasteboards turn, a dance between two souls. One day we will be but a story, the Tarot, the book with no pages contains every story ever told.

It’s your story, you are the author, what is your next chapter? As a card reader you never tell anyone anything, you just reveal a clue that sets them off on a fresh journey of discovery. Tales need to be told, old battles & victories need to be discussed, it is the as yet undiscovered where the magic lives.

As we shift through time the story doesn’t always have a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s not always necessary to understand everything, just make the best of the moment we have right now to manifest an extraordinary tomorrow.

Make today magical for you.

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