Embrace Your Inner Skeptic: Discover the Surprising Benefits of Tarot!

Unleash Your Inner Skeptic: Discover the Surprising Benefits of Tarot! Are you curious about the world of tarot but skeptical of its validity? Believe it or not, exploring tarot can bring a range of benefits to your life beyond just predicting the future. By tapping into your inner skeptic, you can use tarot to gain insight into your own thoughts and behaviors, improve your decision-making skills, and deepen your connection with the world around you. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised at what the cards have to offer!

bright futures

If the Tarot cards choose you you don’t really have any choice, it’s like some sort of fortune telling Tourettes, you just got to get it out there. Sometimes it’s not an easy journey, the Royal Road of Tarot, yet it always enlightens, offers an alternate thought path. Pictures form in your mind, flashes of… Continue reading bright futures

The Fortune Teller

The Tarot is experiencing yet another renaissance, I am noticing a new younger demographic who are approaching for a reading who have an outlook more akin to my mother’s generations relationship with readings & divination. When I was a child a visit to Madame Tamar was a highly anticipated, usually yearly, ritual. Madame Tamar despite… Continue reading The Fortune Teller

Take a different path

The cards are turned, alternative futures are revealed.

Tarot today – The power to be human. Priestess / Judgement. As cognitive beings the most beautiful ability we have is to make decisions about our future & react accordingly. I read for a wonderful chameleon yesterday who had a plethora of Major Cards. Including the Priestess & Judgement. What I love about Tarot is… Continue reading Take a different path

Develop your intuition

The High Priestess, Secrets Will Be Revealed.

Intuition is magical, it can also be learned & honed. Intuition draws on past experiences & remembered situations. Have you ever seen a dog react aggressively on past instinct? A hi-vis jacket, a motorbike, we are essentially no different. Like a muscle, gut feelings can be developed. The true magic of intuition occurs when we… Continue reading Develop your intuition

Find your peace

Look Inside - Release Your Inner Mystic

Be at peace with your thoughts. Away from the endless distractions, the need to be continuously connected, stimulated. We need to allow ourselves space to unravel our experiences, to be alone to process our journey, our purpose. More & more my life seems to be happening all at once. Each part of my journey informing… Continue reading Find your peace