I wish I could get out of my head …

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Look Inside - Release Your Inner Mystic

From the title I’m sure you expected a different post ! I am rediscovering the beauty of escaping the distractions of every day life & looking inside, to connect to my inner power, the ‘real’ me … To ‘get out of my head’ & find my inner voice …

I receive many mails daily that show me where people are on their personal path & love it when I see that people are moving their existence to the next level. I cannot reply to everyone personally but am really touched by messages through the channels on my site, especially recently by the people that I have met on my travels. Whatever belief system you follow, eventually you will realise what is important and the things that really are not. Similarly you can learn to gravitate to things that bring joy to your life and refuse to be drawn in by negative energies that undermine all aspects of your daily experience,

The wishing well has recently been popular, despite the difficult times that everyone are facing the few messages that I look at from the many that flood in daily, confirm to me that people are essentially good & striving to improve themselves & their lives. Why not send a wish to the Universe ? Just by releasing your cosmic order you are creating positivity. Remember, thoughts really do become things ….

Make a Wish

I recently posted about a meeting with buddhist monks in Colombo & feel drawn back to continue my conversation with them. Shortly I will be heading back to Sri Lanka, I simply cannot get their words out of my mind & feel that there is far more that will be revealed to me if I am fortunate enough to have another meeting with these amazing individuals. I have never felt so priveleged or humbled than on that amazing day.

Motivation to meditate is what I will be seeking.

The benefits of meditation have been extoled by mystics and gurus for decades, but very rarely do the general population take notice of anything until it has been the subject of scientific research. Well meditation has now been scientifically proven to benefit the health and balance the physical, emotional and mental states of those who practice it. Medical practitioners themselves now encourage those suffering from stress to practice meditation as a way of releasing stress from the body, as it not only leads us into a deep level of relaxation it can open our minds to finding answers that have been eluding us, as well as leaving us feeling relaxed, uplifted, happy and above all, at peace with ourselves.

We so often find ourselves rushing through each day, forgetting to take a few minutes for ourselves, believing that everything we hold dear will crash down around us if we fail to accomplish the tasks we have set ourselves. In this hyperactive state we can easily forget who we are and start living our lives to meet the expectations of others, never striving to attain anything for ourselves or promote our individuality, over time we become less and less self aware.

If you find the thought of ten minutes total silence or solitute daunting you can treat yourself to a hypnosis download which will allow you not only to relax with the flow of the music, but also enter into a peaceful meditative state, with hardly any effort at all. Believe me once you start feeling the benefits of your ‘selfish’ ten or so minutes a day, you will never go back to your frantic high paced existence.

If you feel that that you need a little extra help to rediscover yourself and your life direction speaking to one of my team of Top Uk Psychics may help show you your true path.

Well that’s it from me for today, I am going to make a concerted effort to make much more regular blog posts. Today though please, just look inside, listen to your true voice, I know you will be amazed.


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