The Nine of Pentacles – Accept abundance, What is your true path ?

nine of pentacles tarot meaning

The Nine of Pentacles.

The Lord of Material Gain

The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Nine of Pentacles – Appearance

The Nine of Pentacles sees the nine golden coins suspended in front of a sulphorous sky. A vertical golden key appears to reveal that the seeker is now truly ready to unlock the power of confidence in themselves. They can now realise that they have developed all of the necessary skills to realise the life they desire and indeed deserve. The white flowers behind the key indicate that the seeker has somehow been blocked around money, they must now realise that they deserve any financial advancement. The whiteness of the flowers emphasise that abundance is possible through honest work & will be enhanced by the fact that the work will be truly satisfying to complete.
The vineyard indicates that now, the spoils of many years of hard work are hanging low now, ripe for the picking. The large house high on the hill in the distance is another symbol of all that is achievable now. . The falcon who stares at the viwer indicates that now the seeker has a birds eye view of how their life is developing. After the financial elements are stabilised, spiritual & intellectual development follows naturally.

The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation

The meaning of this card is that we must investigate our relationship with money. Often this card appears when I perform readings for people who seriously undervalue themselves & their worth. The message of the Nine is that to live the life of your dreams you must accept that you will need to make money. Many people are locked in to a ‘poverty acceptance mindset’ that keeps them at a certain level. It is as if they are programmed to accept only a certain amount of abundance in to their lives, yes it is true that money cannot buy happiness, though it can certainly help many situations. I believe as long as you are providing value to the world & not harming anyone, able to sleep peacefully at night, then any financial gain is indeed deserved. When this card appears the questioner needs to be told that this is a true chance for them to escape their daily grind. If they are unhappily trapped on the treadmill of the 9 to 5, the Nine tells them that now is the time to pursue the career for which they know they were destined & would enjoy. For me, obviously, it is the Tarot. I am never happier than when interacting with my cards & find giving readings to truly interested questioners, though exhausting, provides me with my greatest satisfaction. A memory of a favourite garden can confidently be mentioned around the Nine of Pentacles. The scent of flowers & a distinctive perfume connected to a maternal figure. A hobby forgotten may be revisited & anything to do with the arts or ‘highbrow’ activities like theatre, opera, or classical concerts has occasionally appeared to me through this card. One warning, the success that is so ingrained in the Nine of Pentacles has one disclaimer, if the card appears next to the Moon card then be sure to check that the success is not illusionary or fleeting, especially if combined with lucid dreams.

The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac :   The Planets Venus & The Moon, the starsign Virgo.

Alchemical Elements : Earth, Gold.

My Relationship with The Nine of Pentacles
I LOVE seeing the Nine turn up in a spread as it symbolises that the sustained work the seeker has undoubtedly put in is almost certain to now pay off. The calm Falcon shows that the unpredictability of life has been tamed & now the questioner can begin to enjoy their existence on their own terms. Often this indicates that a germ of an idea will turn in to a successful business that allows the seeker to generate abundance on their own merits. Often from within their own home. My relationship with the Nine endorses that completely. Tarot has always been my destiny but I was reluctant to see it as a means of financial income, I didn’t want something I loved to become tarnished by ‘ the sordid topic of coin ‘.

Now I have discovered that people actively seek me out through recommendations & are happy to pay for my services. this combined with my website & now my online psychic shop, allow me to follow my true path & support myself at the same time. The book that is growing from this blog is another exciting project that I know will provide for me. The amount of work to design my deck, build my website, decide on the structure of the book & then fill the framework to my exacting standards has been a lesson in self discipline that will stay with me always. The satisfaction I will feel when the project is completed will be immense.The Nine has one message, decide on your long term goal & then work single mindedly towards it. Do not delegate the hard work, trust in yourself, keep moving forward, peace & security will then be yours.

The Nine of Pentacles – Success is within your reach – Allow abundance to flow towards you now, security is yours.

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