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Cosmic ordering, The Law of attraction. Have you tried these techniques / Did they work for you ? The key element to activating the power of the Universe & manifesting your authentic self is easier than you think. A lot of press recently has focused on the exciting news that we are on the verge of finding the ‘God Particle’. The God particle, in particle physics creates a ‘sticky’ field that attracts all other particles & gives the field of energy ‘mass’. This ability to attract energy is key to all of the excitement around the discovery of this elusive particle. Intuitive people have always known that an invisible energy exists that connects every being or energy in the Universe. This had led to the development of theories & phenomena such as Cosmic ordering or the Law of Attraction.

Become your own God Particle.

In order to create the life you desire you need to become your very own God particle. By focusing on projecting the very best you can of yourself, you will automatically begin to attract circumstance & people in to your life that will fast forward yourself towards the more happy fulfilling existence that can be so elusive in these confusing times.

Filtering out the noise.

Technology makes it easy for us to connect globally at a seemingly ever more transparent, faster rate. Some people argue that this is at the expense of true connection. It is definitely true that with the advent of ‘social media’ people are increasingly available 24hrs a day, it is also true that it is increasingly popular to edit your experience. To present an ‘idealised’ version of yourself or your life to the world. I definitely feel that technology is sometimes blocking our experience or intuition, creating distractions from our true purpose. I was recently with someone watching an extraordinary performance, what I noticed was that everyone seemed more concerned with videoing & uploading the event, they forgot to actually experience it in the first person.

Connecting to the Energy of The Universe.

One connection that we should all strive to enhance is our connection to energy all around us. It doesn’t matter how you strive to achieve this. My path has been my journey through the Tarot, after becoming disillusioned with the organised religions favoured by my family, I set out on my journey along The Royal Road of Tarot, & have embraced it all of my life. It has guided me through frustration, led me to understand situations that did not release my authentic self, & continues to guide me towards the light of understanding, tolerance, truth and universal consciousness.

Energy exists all around us, and always has since the beginning of time, but you cannot yourself create this energy. What you can do though is activate the energy that is already there, the energy of the Universe.

You may not think that you are an energetic person, but the truth is you are probably just blocking the energy that is all around you, or are interacting on th ewrong frequency by focusing on the negatives. You are not doing this on purpose, nobody does that. You are doing this subconsciously, without even knowing it.

The only difference between the non-energetic people and the ones who always seem full of energy, is simply that the energetic ones know how to activate this never ending Universal energy source.

Energy is a giver of life to everyone and everything. It does not discriminate by gender, race or age. Energy is always there for you, no matter who you are or where you are from. No matter what you look like, how attractive you are or how many friends you have.

Energy itself does not choose to give certain people more energy than others, the same way a disease does not pick and choose which body to manifest itself in and wreak havoc with the person’s life.

To understand this basic concept means you have to start taking responsibility for your own destiny. The saying “Be careful what you wish for” has a definite ring of truth to it. The more you think about being unhealthy or having a disease, constantly reading about and talking about it, even running around from doctor to doctor asking for consultations and medical tests, the more likely you are to become unhealthy and succumb to disease! The Universe strives to manifest the things that you focus on !.

You have to change your behavior and your way of thinking. You have to believe you are a healthy person and you will help yourself stay healthy because your positive thoughts and vital energy will keep you healthy. You cannot just tell yourself you believe – you really have to believe.

The same applies to the Universal energy that is all around us, holding our galaxy in place, turning our world on its axis and making things grow. It’s there for the taking and you just have to zone in on it and use it positively.

Always try to be thinking healthy, happy positive thoughts. Be stimulated and excited by your thoughts, not bored and fed up with life. Do not constantly think about the bad things, such as feeling lonely or how you always seem to be broke and have too many bills to pay.

A positive mind is a powerful thing, but is it enough just to think positive thoughts? Of course it’s not! That would actually be a very dangerous thing just to be able to conjour up whatever we wanted as if by magic.

The Power of Positivity.

It’s the power of the positive thoughts that spur you to take the action which brings about the positive things, like wealth creation and finding love and true happiness.

Positive thinking activates the Universal energy that is all around you. So you must think about what you want, dream it even. In a previous post I talked about lucid dreaming, the ability to take control of your dreams when you become aware that you are dreaming. This is a VERY powerful force as it connects to your non analytical subconscious mind. Every day try to visualise a small step towards your dreams, towards your Universe, and the Universe will come forward to meet you.

Each small step you take will generate the energy for you to take the next step, and the next step and so on, like a domino effect.

Don’t worry about taking the wrong action, or a wrong direction. Every human being is born with intuition and gut feelings. Trust your instincts, follow your intuition and be guided by your gut feelings. They truly are your best friend.

You just need to make a start and let the wonder of the Universe unfold around you.

I truly hope you continue to manifest everything you desire …


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