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My study notes, an overview of chakras. At the end of this post you will find a link that will help you identify which of your chakras could benefit from some attention.

We all have seven chakras – invisible energy centres that control our life force. Our chakras can become blocked and if this happens a chakra therapist can restore the flow of energy, sometimes by laying the corresponding semi precious stone over the chakra to re-open it. Recently I was shocked when Isobel, one of my readers picked up on very specific physical symptoms that she told me needed the attention of a chakra therapist. I had sensations of pins & needles & shortness of breath that was alleviated by placing precious stones over my throat chakra.

Whether you believe or not, chakras are at the basis of many eastern belief systems. Essential to Yoga, chakras are now an extremely popular subject in New Age circles. Originating in India around the middle ages, the term “chakra” is derived from the sanskrit word meaning wheel.

The major chakras extend along the nerves along the spinal column. Starting at the perineum with the Root chakra and extending right up to the top of the head with the Crown chakra. Each chakra is represented by a different colour – going from red at the root, right up to violet at the crown. Chakras control not only energy but also govern many different feelings and emotions.

Chakras should be balanced and open, resonating at a similar frequency to each other. Unfortunately the modern lifestyle leaves many of us with chakras that are unbalanced or even closed completely.

Here is a quick overview of each chakra.

Found at the base of the spine. This chakra grounds us to the Earth and controls the ability to percieve space and time. It corresponds with material success, long term projects and commitment. Stones that can open this chakra are garnet, ruby, red jasper, and bloodstone
Corresponding Colours: Red, balanced by black

Found just below the navel. This chakra is responsible for sexuality, vitality, emotions, pleasure, passion, love, inspiration, health and change. Stones that open this chakra are carnelian and coral.
Corresponding Colours: Orange, balanced by brown

The Solar Plexus Chakra
Found on the chest. This chakra allows us to sense vibrations and tune in to energy from those around us, enviroments, and things. Representative of self-mastery, control of desire, power, reinvention, happiness, and energy. Stones that open this chakra are amber and citrine.
Corresponding Colours: Yellow, balanced by green

The Heart Chakra
Found over the heart. This chakra represents our ability to control energy that travels through our bodies. Corresponding to feelings, compassion, forgiveness, love, knowledge, trust, and openness. Stones that open this chakra are jade and aventurine.
Corresponding Colours: Green, balanced by pink

The Throat Chakra
Found over the throat. This chakra represents humanity, and represents clairaudience, perception, freedom of speech, communication skills, self-expression, honesty, wisdom, knowledge & justice. Stones that open this chakra are lapis.
Corresponding Colours: Blue, balanced by blue/green

The Third Eye Chakra
Found on the forehead directly between the eyebrows. If you selected this chakra you have latent psychic ability that should be developed. This chakra denotes clairvoyance and the ability to see beyond space and time. Developed intuition, powerful concentration, an opportunity for enlightenment. The ability to sense energies & see auras. The Stones that open this chakra are blue sodalite and lapis.
Corresponding Colors: Indigo, balanced by white

The Crown Chakra
Found at the top of the head. This powerful chakra represents our connection to the Godhead, spirit and our higher selves. If you have selected this chakra your personality is developing. You will feel inspiration flood you, a deepening interest in matters of spirituality. You should seek unity with like-minded people, foster understanding and wisdom. The corresponding stone that will open this chakra is Amethyst. Corresponding colours: Purple, set off by the transparency of crystal.

Test Your Chakra energy here

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