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What are your thoughts telling you ?

Have you listened to your internal voice lately ? Really listened ?. Your internal voice can seriously undermine you & make life seem incredibly difficult. I had a meeting today & woke up jet lagged & in my mind underprepared. I also had previously had discussions with people that had skewed my impression of the meeting, the people involved & the likely outcome before it had even happened !. Fortunately I am old & ugly enough to realise that it is just as easy to pre-programme a positive result before an event, as it is to sabotage something before you even start. So I listened to my internal voice & took control. “I’m too tired & jet-lagged to give a good performance” became ” How exciting to be somewhere new, all of this new experience is energising me &, after a hot shower, some breakfast & a coffee I will be raring to go” … Can you see how the second statement is guaranteed to have a powerful effect on events. Did it produce a different result ? Of course it did ! It did wonders for my self esteem & self worth & rather than feeling underprepared I was in fact surprised to find that I had overachieved on several areas.

Distorted reality

One of the problems is that we have allowed our internal voice free reign for so long that it seems to be ‘the voice of reason’. Sometimes, in fact on many occasions, this could not be further from the truth. Occasionally our impressions or thoughts become skewed as they go through our internal process. Many of my favourite top psychic readers & clairvoyants are also skilled in therapy or counselling, can recognise distractive or limiting patterns of thought & actively try & derail the process. Obviously if someone has a genuine issue we will always refer them to the relevant body if they need specialist help or advice, many times though a good reader can pick up on something & provide an alternative path of thought that could possibly send the caller on a journey of discovery.

The power of your internal voice

The chattering internal voice that everybody has is incredibly powerful, negative attitudes or poorly chosen words can have a huge impact on your life. By recognising negative words & beliefs that you have allowed to invade your internal programme, you are on the way to replacing them, healing the negativity & building a better future. All habits can be re-learnt, and negative thinking is a habit that leads us to look at our world through something akin to a fairground mirror. All of our previous experiences, our beliefs ( true or not ) & our prejudices can lead us to accept that our thoughts are true. If we stood back & looked at the ‘evidence’ from a different, unbiased, angle we could allow our negative thoughts to drift away, to be replaced with something far more beneficial.

Tarot Readings for a different point of view

As an alternative to my ‘internal voice’ I like to view the Tarot as a wise old friend. The Tarot is my personal yardstick of truth. Whenever I consult the Tarot, either for myself or another. I like to imagine that the deck is offering up a neutral stack of possibilities. I try to stick to the meanings I have accepted to be true & this system can have really far reaching effects. You should always follow your instincts with the Tarot, if you are tempted to ‘twist’ your readings to suit what you think you questioner wants to hear you are not only making a mockery of the system, but ultimately destined to fail.

Challenging your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is revealing tens of thousands of thoughts a day. Imagine how much change you could bring to your attitude by recognising those that are not working for you & replacing them with something more constructive. If you think that some of your internal programmes are sabotaging your success then now is the time to let them go. Anything like ” I’m just never going to be able to …..”, needs to become ” Won’t it just be great when I’m finally able to ….!”

Try it, just for a couple of days, take notice of the thoughts flying through your head, make it a game to replace any negativity, I bet you will be amazed by how much more dynamic & positive you feel.

Powerful affirmations

This is basically the power of the affirmation. Lots have been written about these internal mantras, I believe that anything that is repeated over & over again eventually forms part of your belief about yourself. If you spot any negative statements then make it your intention to replace them with positive statements that empower you. The Mandala Tarot spread is a powerful place to start for the best Tarot angle on how affirmations can shift your reality.

I’m not suggesting that you live in an imagined world where every thing is wonderful all the time. However, by taking control of your thought process & weeding out anything that is limiting or harmful, you will eventually start to develop positive beliefs which can only lead to forming new positive habits. Internal positivity can only foster happiness & success.

Here are some simple guidelines for creating positive affirmations. This really is an effective way of encouraging personal growth. These were suggested to me by a therapist who uses cognitive behavioural therapy to enable people to automatically improve their outlook:

1. Make any affirmation positive, For example ‘Wow, I’m happy today’ as opposed to ‘I’m not as blue as I was yesterday’

2. Try and ‘feel’ the positive affirmation, don’t just think it like a mantra, experience the new feelings that are generated.

3. Place the affirmation in a prominent position, I take a photo or email mine to myself, then I use this as the wallpaper to my computer, or the lock screen to my phone. You would be surprised how fast you can absorb subliminal messages this way.

You can get started now. Create some positive affirmations for changing your life.

Whatever it is you are chasing, go for it now. Have some fun with affirmations & start to reprogramme your thought process from today.

I truly hope you manifest everything you deserve :0) x

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