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cosmic ordering

Realise Your Dreams

Cosmic ordering is the theory that a person can achieve the things that they truly desire by sending out energy to the cosmos and receiving energy back.  I firmly believe by focusing on your desires you can pull them in to Your reality. Firstly, you have to commit those thoughts to the cosmos & also strive to keep those positive thoughts at the forefront of your consciousness. By connecting to the cosmos and expressing deep desires, you can actually make them happen.  The New Age Movement is where cosmic ordering originated. It has grown from the origins of self development techniques & for some people represents part of their belief system and they feel it is a very spiritual concept.

If you successfully harnesses the power of positive thinking and connecting with your subconscious you will be able to affect the cosmic order of things.  Although to intuitively understand this process is simple, there are some important principles that will help the novice to attain the positive thinking that is necessary. You must tune in to the real you, the one under all the layers you have built up over the years in order to place a cosmic order. Children implicitly believe in the power of wishes, when we are young we are completely open to the power of possibility. My free tarot reading pages are aimed at those who are still able to wonder at possibility with the mind of a child without wandering off to build castles in the sky. It is only as adults that we become jaded & tend to no longer believe in the power of sending our dreams to the universe.

The first step is to actually ponder and think about what it is you truly want in life.  Whether it is materialistic, like a new car, or something more physical such as good health, or even something compassionate such as happiness for someone in your life, it must be deeply thought about.  One must picture the desire and envision how one would feel if it were to happen.  In other words, it must be internalized.

The second step is to make certain that the order to be placed is positive.  If the energies you release into the universe are negative, against someone, they will most likely backfire against you.  In other words, by releasing positive energies into the universe you can attract similar energies back. Thus, getting into a positive frame of mind is extremely important to cosmic ordering. I believe more & more in the power of karma, what you sow is almost certainly what you will reap.

The next step is placing the order, as it were.  This is a completely individual step that occurs in a manner that is acceptable to the person doing the cosmic ordering.  Some people initiate a service at a spot that is sacred to them.  Another might write it down in a letter, including the time frame that the wish needs to be fulfilled in, and then either just let it go or wrap it around a special talisman.  For many it is beneficial to go to a quiet place that brings peace and calm.  A place that makes one happy is ideal, as it will boost your positive thoughts and energies.  Some people even write down their request and recite it over daily until they are positive that it will occur.

The last step is to trust that the cosmic ordering process works.  Trusting that the cosmos will deliver your heart’s desire and that you truly deserve what has been asked for is very important.  If you truly desire and believe as well as deserve your dreams, the cosmos will deliver, I have no doubt.

Tarot card of the day

The Nine of Cups is the wish card of the Tarot and it’s answer is always the same. Be happy with what you’ve got & search inside yourself, as this is where true happiness lies.

Have more adventures, don’t expect everything to be perfect, enjoy the journey. give thanks to whatever power you believe in and accept the abundance and contentment that is set to wash over you.

You are good enough. Love, laugh, cry. Stop striving for perfection.

Joy & suffering dance together, life is a challenge

Tomorrow is formed by who we are & what we do today. 

Make today a great day for you.

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