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Sometimes in a reading it is not the arrival of the ‘big guns’ or Major Arcana cards that are the most revealing about the questioner you are working with. There are many other factors in a Tarot spread that can be the most obvious indicators of a persons situation. I have just completed a reading for someone who outwardly appeared happy, dynamic & successful. We established that she was in a great relationship & that all aspects of her life were pretty good, including her career. In fact what transpired was really interesting & revealing. Two of the first Tarot cards revealed were the Six of Cups The Lord of Pleasure ( Nostalgia ) & the Five of Pentacles, The Lord of Material Trouble ( Anxiety ). The impression I got from these was at some point in the ladies past she had felt that she had developed issues around self worth, it transpired that through a strained relationship with her father it had been drummed in to her that she was ‘worthless’ and ‘would never amount to anything’. When I pointed out that she was beautiful & incredibly successful, she flat out told me that inside she new ( thought ) that whatever she achieved, she would ‘never be good enough’. Well at the end of the session I hope we parted company with this young lady realising that not only was she ‘good enough’, but that she was far more successful than most & had not even started to scratch the surface of her ultimate potential !. The message here is obvious & anyone would do well to bear it in mind :

Love Yourself

What do I mean by this ?, Not in a ‘look at me I’m fabulous’ narcissistic way but by actually saying to yourself, “hey I’m doing pretty good”… In these pressured times people rarely give themselves the credit they deserve & by making time to remind yourself of how far you have come in life, you pave the way for more abundance & joy to flood your world.

Attracting abundance involves confronting any ingrained ‘poverty consciousness’ or feeling nervous about your prospects, this in itself is enough to sabotage any chance of improving your lot. Aquired belief that you are not worthy or are destined ‘just to be okay’ must be released. Instead, imagine pushing your boundaries, attracting wealth & happiness from unexpected sources. Just accepting that something is going to manifest that will change your circumstance, though it seems ‘airy fairy’, can really put you in a great place for optimising any chances that fate sends your way. By focusing on the lack or negative circumstance, you are telling your subconscious, the most powerful part of your mind, that this is what you are expecting. Your subconscious works hard to deliver what it believes you desire. In a previous post about lucid dreaming I talked about directing your dreams to create the future you desire. I really believe that lucid daydreaming, or directing our thoughts towards a positive outcome, can have an equally powerful effect. Any deep rooted patterns of belief around self worth or destructive patterns of behaviour should be recognised & then slowly relegated to the box in your mind marked ‘no longer required’. Encouraging success, attracting abundance or dealing with issues related to money can be driven from deep inside your psyche, as you clearly see the issues that created your current situation, you can learn to make better choices. Creative visualisation has been used successfully by millions of people for many generations. Simply by imaging yourself in the scenario that you desire, with the accoutrements of the lifestyle you know you deserve you begin to programme your subconscious to accept opportunities & move you closer to your goals.

Hypnosis is another powerful tool that over-rides your analytical logical brain & allows you to move towards achieving your potential. Many people have benefitted from my free hypnosis download & tell me that they feel much more positive after just one listen. Repeated listening can programme this positivity deep in to your subconscious mind.

Changing our internal programme to attract abundance.

Things that trigger a physical reaction to situations that you have previously found challenging can also be used. I remember when I was living in an apartment that drained my energy during a period of my life where I was struggling financially & emotionally. Rather than just put up with it, I made a conscious decision and experimented with ways of changing my outlook & improving my mood. I discovered that fragrance had a powerful ability to alter my outlook. I used herbal essences, fragranced candles & then found that a single beautiful lilly as a treat once a week, filled my apartment with a powerful scent that really raised my spirits. Combined with the physical beauty of the flower I found this method led to a period that proved to be a catalyst that raised me out of that challenging situation & inspired me to attract more success. This finally allowed me to move to a much nicer apartment in a better area. Your mind knows on a deep subconscious level exactly what you need to do to achieve your dreams, the energy you need to radiate to focus your intention & draw opportunity towards you. When you are preparing to allow abundance in to your life, your energy & motivation will conspire to provide opportunities to find work that inspires & fulfils you. When we are able to work in a field that we enjoy our life transforms & we automatically release any negative focus that is holding us back.

Manifesting Abundance

The best outcome can be manifested by developing techniques that allow you to realise the time that is not best spent moving you towards your dream. You can automatically start filtering any behaviours that are having a negative effect on your progress. Make a list of those things that inspire you, create a board of interest of images that inspire you, you can now even do this virtually through ‘Pinterest’, ( you can follow my Pinterest board here ), which I have been sucked in to & greatly enjoy. Anything that creates focus for your intentions, a statue, a crystal, a talisman, a necklace is good for your visualisation exercises. I have many objects that I carry that remind me of a time when I was happy, in my zone & focusing in my mind of where I want my life to lead.  When you begin to make a plan of where you want to go, look for the embryo of your new life & nourish the positivity to bring your dream to fruition. Many people who visit my site for a Clairvoyant reading simply wish for someone to focus on their situation & give them some possible outcomes for their current scenario. As with the lady at the start of this piece it can simply come down to someone saying, you know what, your doing just fine. Or it can take the form of ‘have you considered … ‘writing that book that you have been mulling over for years ‘ … Whatever direction you take, as always I hope you manifest everything you desire, Paul x.

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