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Clairvoyants have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Intuitive people know one thing for certain, whatever situation presents itself, whatever information is being processed by their logical brain, the final decision must be given to their heart, their gut feeling. Some of the best psychic readers I know rely on their intuition to get directly to the absolute source of the situation they are presented with. This ability to override the logical brain & connect to their true instinct is something that everyone is born with, but few manage to maintain in to adulthood.

Our society tells us that everything must be based in ‘fact’, so much so that natural instincts, such as our ‘fight or flight response’ have become dulled. Intuition is a very powerful instinct that over-rides everything to punch you in the gut, or hit you in the heart & tell you that you KNOW the truth of an encounter or situation, unfortunately I truly believe that many people are losing the ability to listen to their heart & follow the path that they instinctively know will lead them to the most fulfilling outcome.

Is it possible to redevelop our intuition ? Absolutely !

Developing Intuition

When it comes to developing personal intuition, it is as easy as watching for it, figuring out how to use it better, and providing it with good information to go on.

Developing intuition begins by recognising you have it to begin with. When ever you’ve had a gut feeling about something, that was most likely intuition. Intuition is your brain using more than you are knowingly aware of. How to you know if you can trust your intuition or not? How are some ways you can improve it?

Three Steps To Developing Intuition.

#1 – Once you recognise it, encourage it.
#2 –  Study your intuition and it will be more trustworthy.
#3 – Provide it with good information to go on.

Gary Kasparov has no problem admitting that computers can figure out chess positions a lot of moves further ahead than he ever could. But he still wins over the best computers in existence due to his intuitive grasp of chess. His experience lets him combine analysis and a “sense” of which moves are best. See if you can find areas in your life where you operate intuitively.

Intuition can also be a warning device. Me and my partner felt like we should not get on that crowded bus in Thailand, we will never know what would have happened, we just had an overwhelming urge that prevented us from doing so. Sometimes feelings like this over-ride our minds, giving us warning. We kind of had a feeling at our very core that : “something’s not quite right.”
Recognising and looking for a certain thing trains your brain to find even more of it. The same thing will occur if you closely watch for your own intuition, suddenly you’ll begin to see much more of it. As a London psychic my senses are overloaded continuously, this is an extremely efficient way of honing your intuition, you simply know the best way to navigate the myriad stimuli that bombard you everyday on your journey through the metropolis.

Studying Your Intuition

Begin second guessing your hunches. If we’d inquired why we felt so bad about that crowded bus, we may have thought, “Oh that’s right, a crowded bus is a bad idea – we were aware of that.” Study your intense feelings when you get a strong flash of intuition, and you may think, “It is just my aversion to buses.” Get yourself in the constant habit of studying and paying close attention to those intuitive feelings & you will begin to identify when you are operating at a higher frequency of thought.

Just where does your natural intuition really work the best?  If you are ‘never wrong’ about your intuitive responses to new people, give some credence to them.  Conversely, if your gut feelings about people are often wrong, do not follow them. Just pay closer attention, and you will start developing some intuition about your own intuition.

Provide Your Intuition Good Stuff To Go On

Your knowledge, experience and skill determine the possible effectiveness of intuition. No second rate chess player can ever intuitively best the computer, like Kasparov does. Be sure and learn a lot about a subject, before you expect good intuitive feelings about it – certainly before you start trusting those feelings.

Psychic Intuition

Whether you believe in psychic ability or not, sometimes I am sure you have had flashes of inspiration just outside of your normal senses that have surprised you. The classic ” I was thinking of you & then you phoned”.. There are many explanations for this type of phenomena, however I truly believe that we can & do receive information from outside of the ‘normal’ channels far more often than we realise. When I focus my intuition to give a Tarot reading I often try & second guess which card is next in the sequence, & often if I am tuned in to the questioner & their circumstance, I am not surprised by which card is turned over. A fun test for Psychic ability can be found on my free psychic readings page, see if you can guess which zenner card is next .

Intuition and relationships

How many times have you heard happy couples explaining that when they first met ‘they just knew’. I never truly believed that until it happened to me. I had genuinely thought that I was in love on several occasions, I was engaged to be married, in another ( in hindsight destructive ) relationship I would forgive anything, do anything to keep the peace. I was mistaken, as I believe many people are. One day I met my partner & BAM!, I KNEW that this was the person I was destined to spend my life with. That was 11 years ago & we are still incredibly happy. That is the thing with true intuition, when it strikes you at your core, you know you have to follow your heart.

As always I wish you only the best, Paul x.

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