Moon Manifestation. Powerful Moon Rituals To Attract The Life You Deserve

moon rituals

The Full Moon, regular as clockwork. The energies of our beautiful moon can be felt by some for days before it arrives, what rituals can we use to prepare to form a transformational month ahead? Emotions run high around the moon. Need some cleansing routines to disperse that lunar lunacy & exorcise some borderline insanity, at least in some of my more sensitive friends. If you are sensitive to the rhythms of the moon build a moon ritual in to your life, those monthly touchstones can be very reassuring & bring more structure to your year than you can imagine.

A lot of my Moon ritual harks back to my mothers superstitions & the almanac, here’s where I’m at in my monthly preparation for each moon cycle. You can step inside my Moon tarot card with me for a tarot video meaning on my tarotrehab page


Meditation done – guided, some shamanic drumming thrown in. Amazing, straight through the portal to focus my intentions

Forgiveness list done – Ready to burn that baby, really cathartic this time, thought a few of those were going to the grave with me! That baby will go up in flames under the moon.

Gratitude list done – Ready to burn that baby too!

Spoken manifestations written & ready

Moon water preparation underway, flower petals & chosen crystals

Bathsalts at the ready for a lunar soak

Chosen cards, Moon OBVS, High Priestess – ruled by the Moon. Whatever card is relevant for whichever moon we are expecting, for example Devil for a Capricorn moon.

Manic decluttering in progress, really ruthless this time 

Crystal charging station. Large black tourmaline exhausted by the mercury retrograde takes pride of place here

Lunar Astrology chart at the ready, if you are feeling like a moon reading a phone tarot reading could reveal what this lunation may reveal for you. A psychic text could provide your unique reading with fast answers to your burning questions direct to your phone.

The Moon & The High Priestess

I had no choice, she jumped out of the deck. Time to hear the unsaid, perceive the invisible.

The High Priestess is the guardian of hidden secrets. She keeps the divine knowledge secretly tucked away for the right time to bring out the big reveal. Positively associated with intuitiveness, understanding, wisdom, mystery, psychic ability, and the divine feminine.

The High Priestess always brings hidden motivation to the surface. She has connections overseas, across oceans. She can help you understand why you have been emotionally on the defensive, she tells you that you are now in control of your thoughts, what is it that you really want to achieve? She can reveal your path.

Your Priestess is waiting with your truth, are you ready to glimpse behind the veil?

My tarot reading London service is always available to connect you with the perfect reader who can talk you through the Priestess or any other card that features along you path

As I turned the Priestess today her voice entered my mind: “This wisdom cannot be revealed, it must grow in your heart. Seek to hear the unsaid & perceive the invisible. Your answer is waiting, trust your intuition”

I hope today is magical for you

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