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knight of wands tarot meaning

The fiery Wands, get ready to manifest your dreams and creative plans …
Wands, Staves or Spears – The first suit represents a long object, whether it be a staff or wand by name, it usually represents physical labor. This suit is related to the physical body. It encompasses growth, ideas and creativity. It is associated with the element of fire and the season of spring. The Wands cards relate to inspiration, potential and enterprise. True, it’s the suit of the working man, and the cards also portray the need for hard slog and toil to back those burning ideas up, but even the cards that warn of potential challenges come imbued with the fire-in-the-belly kind of grit it takes to overcome those challenges.

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The images of the Wands from my Tarot deck above can be found on my detailed Suit of Wands Page, each card in the carousel will open to a page of detailed meanings for each of the Wands cards. As I stepped in to each Tarot card to design the images, I focused on creativity & growth,. The element of fire is integral to the Suit of Wands, this fire ignites under creative ideas & enables the questioner to manifest a new level of reality from any inspiration that grips them.

There are many aspects to each of the cards, at the forefront of the image above the Knight of wands passionate in pursuit of his plans. To the left the enigmatic Queen of Wands and her mysterious black cat, to the right the enthusiastic Page of Wands prepares to follow his dream. So as you see commitment and excitement charge through the Suit of Wands.

If you would prefer to visit my pages for the detailed meaning of each Wands card follow the below links. (Please remember these pages are ‘organic’ in as much as I believe that the meanings of Tarot change as your understanding deepens, as your life experience opens up knew interpretations…)

•    Ace of Wands – “The Radix of the Powers of Fire”
•    Two of Wands – “The Lord of Dominion”
•    Three of Wands – “The Lord of Established Strength”
•    Four of Wands – “Lord of Completed work”
•    Five of Wands – “The Lord of Strife”
•    Six of Wands – “The Lord of Victory”
•    Seven of Wands – “The Lord of Courage”
•    Eight of Wands – “The Lord of Swiftness”
•    Nine of Wands – “The Lord of Strength”
•    Ten of Wands – “The Lord of Oppression”
•    Page of Wands – “The Rose of the Palace of Fire”
•    Knight of Wands – “The Prince of the Chariot of Fire”
•    Queen of Wands – “The Queen of the Thrones of Flame”
•    King of Wands – “The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning, King of the Spirits of Fire”

I hope you find some meanings that will reveal the progression through the Wands in any tarot reading spread. In Tarot spreads looking for a fiery romantic encounter, you can do no better than turn over a selection of the exciting Wands cards.

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