How to Do a Blind Psychic Card Test Reading to Develop Intuition

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A blind card reading is often used by top psychics to help them develop an intuition about their clients. This refers to putting cards face down on a table and running the hands over them to see which has the most power and pull. A psychic’s intuition will guide them to a correct card or one that has the best advice for their client.

At home, you can use this same blind card reading trick to develop your own intuition or help you to make decisions based on instinct. You don’t use tarot cards as these are best used by experts, but can use cards that help you with certain specific decisions. Consider how to do this.

1. Write out your potential decisions.

Think of a decision you need to make, such as which job offer to choose. Write out your potential decision on separate index cards and be sure the cards are all the same so you can’t tell any difference between them.

Turn the cards upside down and shuffle them, then place them on the table before you. Again, be sure you can’t tell the difference between any of the cards.

2. Tune into the cards.

Shut out all distractions as you tune into the cards, one at a time. Hold your hand over each one and note your reaction to it. Concentrate and see if you’re drawn to any one in particular. You may need to note a scale for your reaction, for example, 1 being slightly drawn to the card with 2 being drawn more strongly, and 3 being very drawn to the card.

As you do your blind card reading note this reaction and remove the cards with the weakest reaction. As you get down to your last two choices, concentrate again as you hold your hands over them.

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3. Choose your card.

The card you feel most drawn to will be the card to guide your intuition or inner voice. Turn this card over and note what it says, and concentrate on why it might be the right decision for you.

Remember that a blind card reading only works if you ensure you don’t “cheat” by marking a card you want to be true and if you really concentrate. This will ensure it’s your own intuition that’s guiding you and will help you to better follow and trust your instincts. If you would like your own unique card reading by a professional recommended Psychic you can see which psychic readers your intuition guides you towards on my live panel.

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