Full Cold SuperMoon – Messages from the Subconscious

Full Cold Moon Supermoon
Dec 2017 Full Cold Supermoon

Dec 2017 Supermoon

The Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini heralds Mercury retrograde. This Sun square Neptune Supermoon of 2017 is around the corner and about to grace the winter skies. Stargazers and astronomers are excited by the Supermoon which appears bigger and brighter as we are given a wonderful lunar treat by Mother Nature this December.

The New Moon is a perfect time for a powerful Clairvoyant reading, thought processes can become muddled & you may feel that it is difficult keeping your feet on the ground. This Full Moon ahead of the holiday period always shakes things up, stay focused & look for lunar messages rising from your subconscious. For your personal powerful lunar reading contact my Recommended Online Psychics and Clairvoyants

What Is A Supermoon?

A Supermoon is a Full Moon that approximately coincides with the closest distance that the Moon reaches to Earth in its elliptical orbit, resulting in a larger-than-usual apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth. In other words, a new moon that takes place when the moon is around its perigee is known as a Super Full Moon. Known as the Full Cold Moon this Moon occurs when winter takes hold and the nights are at their darkest.

Its etymology dates back to 1979 when it was coined by an astrologer Richard Nocelle. He defined it as ‘a New or a Full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in its orbit’.

When is the 2017 Supermoon?

This year’s Supermoon will be seen by stargazers in the dark hours of the night of Dec 3rd. The recent Supermoon in 2017 was experienced June 24, 2017. As an additional gift by nature, two supermoons will trail this December’s Supermoon later on in the year of 2018 around the months of January and February.

The Power of the Supermoon 

The Supermoon is believed to have an affect on the waters of the earth. It is believed that whenever the Supermoon occurs the water levels increase. Some astrologers and space enthusiasts correlate the tsunamis in Tōhoku in 2011 and the Indian Ocean in 2004 on the Supermoon that occurred during these years. The human body comprises a very high percentage of water, some people say that a Full Moon has a noticeable affect on them, causing emotional chaos.

The Tarot Moon card is one of my favourite Greater Secrets from the Major Arcana. The Moon card usually brings a message In a dream, on the edge of consciousness. Read more about The Moon Tarot Card in The Major Arcana.

A lot of people choose to celebrate & reflect on the events of the preceding month during the Full Moon.

It is also believed by certain astrologers & mystics that this time of the year comes with the unveiling of secrets. They have the ideology that the Supermoon comes with its unique energy which helps to disclose any truth that needs to be known. Crystals, talismans and Tarot decks should also be recharged with the light of the Full Moon, absorbing the lunar power and recharging the psychic batteries.

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