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Daughter of the Reconcilers, The Bringer Forth of Life

Temperance Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :

Temperance Tarot Card – Appearance :
A calm winged young woman stands with one foot on land & the other in a cool flowing river.

Liquid travels horizontally  between the vessels in her hand against the laws of gravity An upright triangle adorns her chest. Irises grow nearby. The sun is rising between the twin mountain peaks.

Temperance Tarot Card – Interpretation :
The meaning here is change, possible reconciliation of a relationship, self-control needs to be exercised, you may need to be careful how you approach someone.
You will be facing a deadline . You will have to make plans for a journey that will be confusing but eventually rewarding. Life will feel good, you will be physically & mentally at the top of your game.
Be careful to not overdo things at this time, however. Be sure to get some rest, be sociable but avoid getting out of control. Temperance indicates you may need to have a medical test or focus on your circulation by increasing your exercise. A test of your ability is coming for you.
You need to verify exactly what is required of you.
You will need to adapt to new but exciting circumstances.
You will need to be accommodating & show respect in an
approaching situation, choose your words carefully.
You need to experiment & expand your interests.
You have an Idealistic approach, enthusiasm is about to engulf you, never stop searching for meaning. You are naturally inquisitive, use this to your advantage.
You are collecting experience to use in a later phase of your life, the parts will come together eventually.
Expand your experience, try things beyond your normal choices.
Focus on your situation & prioritise what you want to do, not what
you have to do. Balance your time to reach a compromise between
commitments & pleasure.
This card in a psychic phone reading tells you to enjoy everything responsibly and in moderation.

Temperance Tarot Card – Correspondences


Tree of Life Path : 15
Trump : 14 – Temperance

Hebrew Letter : samekh

Element, Planet, Zodiac

Deities : artemis, Diana
Animal : Centaur, Horse, Dog
Plant : Rush

My Relationship with Temperance
Temperance to me often means that I am trying to mediate or balance opposing forces in my life, or the current situation. I am experimenting, weighing up, the best approach, balancing each alternative. Temperance usually appears after the Death card for me, often to remind me what I have learnt at the close of a situation. How will I proceed so as not to repeat the experience? On a physical level, If I am giving a reading Temperance tells me that the seeker is stressed or even has problems with circulation that need to be addressed. The question Temperance poses in a free psychic love reading by phone is can I hold my nerve? How can I balance my life & pass the test that I am being presented? …

Why must you now experiment with a new approach?

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