Tarot Temperance & The Astrological sign Sagittarius

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the Devil & the Angel of Temperance

Temperance Daughter of the Reconcilers – The Bringer Forth of Life

Temperance the guardian angel controls the magical fluid, the essence that can cleans our ego & allow us to transcend our human weakness. This card always heralds the birth of a new phase of existence that allows those who draw it to carve a calmer path through life, confident that the universe is transpiring to help them achieve all that they desire.


Sagittarians (November 23 – December 21)  have a positive outlook on life, are full of energy, versatility, adventure and eagerness to experience the new and different. They enjoy traveling and exploration; they are ambitious and optimistic, even in the face of disappointment.. Their strongly idealistic natures can also suffer many disappointments without being affected. They are honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice. They are usually on the side of the underdog in society they will fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are prepared to be rebellious. They balance loyalty with independence.

Sagittarians are usually modest and are often religious, with a strong sense of morality, though they tend to over-emphasise the ethical codes they follow and worship beliefs about God rather than God Himself. This means that, negatively, they regard rigid, unloving, intolerant adherence to ritual and conventional codes as more important than the truths they symbolise or embody. They sometimes pay lip service to religions and political parties in which they have ceased to believe because the outward forms satisfy them, yet they may not hesitate to switch allegiance in politics or change their system of belief if they see personal advantage to themselves in doing so.

Sagittarius is the Archer and many war heroes were born under this sign. There are also many artists and entertainers born under this sign, such as Beethoven, Toulouse-Lautrec and Georges Seurat.  Winston Churchill, baseball legend Ty Cobb and publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst were all born under the sign of Sagittarius.

In relationships, Sagittarians are reliable and will almost never betray their partners. They are generous and forgiving, although they are prone to temper and outbursts. Professionally, they make excellent teachers and philosophers. Before the invention of the automobile, they were said to be excellent with horses. This would make some sense, as the symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur, half man and half horse.

The Sagittarius personality

If there was a most likely to succeed Zodiac sign, it would likely be Leo.

On the other hand, if there was a most likely to put his foot in his mouth,î that would be Sagittarius.

He doesn’t mean to, of course.  He does mean well.  Sagittarius is the Archer, and every now and then, one of those arrows is totally off target.  They are creatures of the extreme either that arrow will hit perfectly, dead centre, or it will rebound off the target directly back into the archer’s face.

Sagittarius thinks big.  He doesn’t have time or patience for details, and that’s where his weakness lies because such things as social graces and tact can fall into those little details sections.  Likewise, a job that demands attention to detail, like assembly line work, would leave an Archer breaking his bow in impatience and frustration.  Deep down, Sagittarius is the most insecure of all the signs.

The Archers are messy and scruffy, the ‘Oscar Madison’ of the Zodiac.  Ironing shirts and combing hair can easily become one of those little details, too.  Don’t expect a neat and orderly house when there’s a Sagittarius living there.

Like the Centaur that the constellation Sagittarius represents, Archers love to travel.  Even better is traveling in something as rough and ragged as they are, four wheel drive and covered in mud.

Archers do well in entertainment.  They want to be liked, due to that deep insecurity, and they want an audience, because of their high level of pride.

Sagittarius generally leans one of two ways.  One, they are intellectual, thinking big, well read, opinionated, and willing to debate for hours on end though often having a problem admitting when they’re wrong.  Or two, they thrive on athletic competition.  If you want to spot the Sagittarius in the backyard football game, look for the muddiest member of the winning team.

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