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I have had ANOTHER major life shift, are these old (& some new!) bones strong enough? Those who know me, virtual or otherwise, know that I have been suffering from insomnia. Hideous! Lying awake all night, looking at the clock thinking “How am I going to function tomorrow?”… After sleeping tablets, acupuncture, you name it, the answer, for me was hypnosis. Taking control of the dream state & using it to guide myself in to a state of relaxation that used my anxiety of not sleeping towards a powerful pre-programming technique that set me up for the day ahead. I can’t tell you how amazing this revelation has been, it really has revolutionised my life !. Lucid dreaming ….

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I am A HUGE fan of Hypnosis & have been lucky enough to find some of the best to programme my subconscious, A free MP3 hypnosis to release your potential designed by a great master of hypnosis is available on my hypnotherapy site here https://www.hypnomara.com

Create your perfect future with Lucid Dreaming

Imagine a world where all obstacles in everyday life are put aside. You can fly to the stars; have super powers to fight off your enemies or visit Hawaii and Paris in a matter of minutes. Dreams are a part of us but what if you could control what you are dreaming? Lucid dreaming is this concept of being aware that you are dreaming and thus having control over dreams. It is the state of mind where the conscious and the unconscious mind are open to each other. Imagine the power of being able to interact with your make believe world.

Being an intensified state of realising dreams, lucid dreaming is a quest to self-realisation. Very vibrant, colourful and incredibly alive, lucid dreaming is an out of the world experience that shows us what our mind can do subconsciously. In other words, putting the deepest areas of our minds to explore, invent and transform.

Ever wanted to have an immortal body that never got burned or injured? Imagine facing your worst fears with great courage and overcoming life boundaries. Lucid dreaming will take you there and let you even taste the sun, walk on fire and much more. To begin, one has to become aware of the surroundings and pay more attention to every detail. Form a habit of awareness during the day as it is vital to becoming lucid. Have that unconditional trust in yourself and stand up against your worst enemy-You! Once you embrace yourself fully, prepare to a journey of self-discovery and mastery as experienced in lucid dreaming.

Many have been surprised with what they have stumbled upon while lucid dreaming. This might just be the drug of choice in answering those intimate questions we have no answers to. One can command the dream character to respond to what your purpose in life is your greatest fantasy and how you can overcome depression? These answers may just be within you but can only be revealed in lucid dreaming.

It costs nothing to engage in lucid dreaming but the results are astounding. A better way to enlighten and liberate yourself, lucid dreaming does require some effort an energy to harness the ability. Keeping a dream schedule is extremely important as is recognising the best time to have a lucid dream. Strongly associated with REM sleep, lucid dreams commonly happen right before you wake up. Better yet, you can set the alarm clock and once you are awakened, try and remember the dream as much as possible; then return back to rest and keep this train of thought when you fall asleep. Without realising it, you are practicing the MILD technique.

A world where you are the king of the world with no boundaries and anything is possible is just what you will get in lucid dreaming. Try it and be amazed at how much fun and refreshing the phenomenal dream world is!

Card of the day

The Chariot –

believe in your dreams to achieve

In uncertain times the Charioteer takes charge. As you crash through the chaos you may finally realise that the only person really controlling the course of your life is you. You have the reigns in your hands, you, and only you, can steer your destiny.

The Chariot represents your life choices. His sign is Cancer so any choices around home-life should be made quickly & decisively when he appears. The Chariot is being drawn by two sphinxes, one black and one white, indicating different possibilities set to manifest, will you choose wisely & follow the right course?

Chariot Tarot Affirmation

No matter how far you go, whatever you experience,
I have already made that journey.
Take control of your course, focus your will
Your destiny is in your hands now

In a psychic telephone reading the Charioteer is potential set alive by determination. He risks nothing and is oblivious to earthly illusions. The Chariot is always just ahead of the curve, just outside the bounds of time.

Use your past experience to move you forward, forgotten memories will resurface, possibly through dreams. Use your intuition to solve problems, don’t give in to your emotions & be careful to use your intellect to your advantage. You are your own master now & will make the right choice.

Push forward with the energy of The Chariot, crash in to a new reality.

Follow your dreams, this is your chance to shine

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