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Tall dark strangers, journeys over water

Very occasionally I am asked to delve deep in to my history & give the type of readings my mother was fond of giving, and receiving. Our favourite reader was the famous west country mystic Madame Tamar who started me on my Tarot obsession many decades ago. Madame Tamar mostly used normal playing cards, she told me Tarot cards were too scary for her clientele. She was so gifted I don’t think she needed any oracle at all.

“She would always carefully send you on your way with a spring in your step, a sparkle in her Scorpio eyes”

I am fortunate enough to have inherited my mother’s paraphernalia, her crystal ball, cartomancy cards. I still collect vintage cartomancy decks, I love the interpretations. If appropriate I will sometimes give readings, usually at functions, that dip in to that persona. The type of gypsy reading that promises tall dark strangers, exciting journeys. I stop short of the slightly darker messages my mother was fond of delivering. Exciting affairs, disastrous consequences. Looking back it has to said she was mostly right & had absolutely no qualms saying it exactly as she saw it. She would always carefully send you on your way with a spring in your step, a sparkle in her Scorpio eyes. I don’t believe that this type of reading undermines the true Tarot experience as long as you are clear in your intentions. They are primarily for entertainment, parties & events, they form some of the rich history of the contemporary cartomancers art.

Whatever story you decide to believe today, make sure you send yourself a positive message, though perhaps a tall dark stranger might be fun should they cross your path.

Many people conjure up a very stereotypical image when they picture a tarot card reading. It usually has something to do with a long-haired “gypsy” woman flipping tarot cards one at a time while she tells you about dark haired strangers on far flung shores. This image is what causes many people to discredit tarot card readings entirely. Let me tell you a secret: true Tarot card readings are nothing like the images in your head or the readings in the movies. There is no woman in flowing clothes predicting your impending doom. Instead, a tarot card reading involves a trained and gifted intuitive using Tarot cards to give you insight about your life & possible direction.

There are two types of Tarot card readings: question readings and open readings. Open readings give information about broad areas of your life, while question readings address address a specific question. Neither type of reading is designed to give you step by step instructions on how to live your life; rather, they exist to guide you in your decision-making process. Regardless of the type of reading you choose, there are certain ways to guarantee a trusted Tarot reading. One of these ways is to use a Tarot spread.

Each Tarot spread is a pattern with predetermined meanings assigned to each position in the layout. Each of the cards has myriad meanings, the Major Arcana, the Lovers, Justice etc reflecting major life choices & the Minor Arcana the suits of Cups, Wands, Pentacles & Cups corresponding to minor life issues, thought, emotions, creativity & material matters. Many readers have studied not only the symbolism but the underlying belief systems embedded in the archetypes from psychology to numerology & beyond. Kabbalah & Hebrew are at the root of the tarot experience. Cognitive behavioural therapy & many mainstream therapists have started to increasingly be used by qualified Tarot practitioners who use incorporate the  lessons in their work. 

The younger generation are now becoming interested in the old ways. The age range is from teenagers to older people, every demographic. Teenagers are generally looking for reassurance about the usual teenage angst, anxiety & relationships. The older generation expect the traditional ‘cross my palm with silver’ type reading. Really interestingly are the younger mostly professional people who want to see what is reflected in the ‘Tarot mirror’ as to how they can become the best version of themselves. They really embrace phone psychic readings & tarot card phone readings as technology is second nature to them. What they can work on in their psyche to develop personally, or focus on to increase their career prospects is one of their most regular questions. This is why a phone psychic reading is often the preferred reading of the younger tech savvy generation.

For example the Devil can bring up self sabotaging behaviours, addictions & anxieties. Strength tells the questioner to finally tap in to their inner resources & the Fool to reconnect with forgotten dreams & reconnect to their life’s purpose. You may have a book that needs writing that is bubbling in your subconscious. A tarot reading could give you clarity around how to develop that project. People seek readings for all sorts of reasons, mostly for some external reassurance that they are doing ok & also to see if the reading sparks a previously unthought of direction that could reveal new possibilities.

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