Darkness or Light

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Take back your power

Darkness or light, the eternal battle. The internal conversations we have take front & centre in our consciousness, an almost constant dialogue. How we react & what energy we decide to project in to our world is very telling to where we are on our journey. We can choose to empower our inner warrior to fight any internal doubt or negativity. We can make a conscious choice to shift gears, laugh at our struggles & embrace the magic. Feeding the sparks of enthusiasm is a skill that we can learn & nourish. It is a full time job that we really should make a priority as our thoughts really do create our reality. Obviously we can’t always be floating on a pink cloud, sailing through life in a blaze of smiles. We can however make the choice to suit up, show up & bring our ‘A’ game.

Block the inner ogre today, mentally cut it off at the pass. Escape the dark, go forth and choose to step in to the light, your world will be a happier place.

Shadow mirror

In psychic telephone readings If my inner demon is instantly activated I know this person has been sent as a shadow mirror to lead me to a greater understanding of myself.

If my spider sense is fired I step beyond what my conscious thought is telling me & go out of my way to engage with whoever has pushed my buttons. A few times in my life these very individuals have become friends, without fail their story informs my journey. 

The Devil takes many forms & can bring many messages, he appears here on a remnant of a previous time, of whirling around dance floors fan dancing until dawn. “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my prey. I just like the sound of it.” – The Joker

I love all the times that have led me to who I am today, the Devil can chain you to your past, a situation, person, or habit.

The Devil is you, any behaviour that prevents you from growing is his influence. When we face him we make better choices, be your own saviour.

Sun trine Venus gives me an epic boost today, shining a light on & finishing half baked but fabulous creative projects is my mission. The Devil is ruled by Capricorn, the workhorse of the zodiac, planetary ruler Saturn. Take his energy by the horns & turn it on any situation that is blocking you, it won’t stand a chance.

Have an extraordinary day

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