What script are you writing?

The stories we tell ourselves. What do we believe, where does this information arise, just how much does it have to do with who & where we really are on our path. Often, when half asleep, I look at my life remotely, like a movie. Then first thing, every day, through the lens of Tarot. I have been wandering through the Major Arcana for the umpteenth time. These archetypes represent pretty large character / life experiences, for me ( Disclaimer : other belief systems are available!) they are a reliable mirror that always reflects where my head is at. I have been challenging my stock reactions to the archetypes whilst looking back over old notebooks to see how my perception of my life has shifted, how my story has developed. The stories that you tell yourself are the script to your life. You are the author, the stories you tell yourself can often dictate how your reality manifests. Changing the story is the most empowering thing you can do to break through blocks to empower your future.
As I write this it’s early Monday. Mondays used to be a big one for me, signalling the end of the weekend & putting me back on the treadmill. Now Mondays are one of the highlights of my week, I have rewritten the Monday script & built in several aspects I genuinely look forward to. Even though it’s black & cold outside I am going to climb on my bike & give this Monday a run for it’s money.

Rewrite your script today, take a small step to changing your story. You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can however always write a better ending. You are the person of your own creation today, the version of you you have been waiting to meet your whole life. Go forth & be wonderful

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