Tarot – The Tower – The Facade begins to Crumble

The Tower. The foundations begin to crumble
#Tarot, The Tower Struck By Lightning

Out of the darkness the Tower rose before me. The ground shook beneath me as lightning electrified the night sky. Then a huge bolt struck the tower, dislodging the Golden Crown. Instantly the building began to crumble, as flames and smoke billowed forth.
I heard the voice “ This building is only a facade, built on unstable foundation. As with anything, the foundations must be strong to support the structure and withstand the challenges that are sure to arise over time . Do not fear the destruction you have witnessed, it is a lesson that you must learn”.

When the Tower appears in your reading, it may be necessary to break down any situation or belief that no longer serves you as a seeker of the truth. The destructive lightning flash represents an epiphany, a ‘Eureka’ moment that gives you instant, profound insight in how to destroy any illusions that have been masking your true path. Change is inevitable with this card, though I have found that it is more often than not a change within the questioner rather than in their environment. The lightning flash can only reveal one thing, and that is always absolute truth. The realisation that accompanies this card can be overwhelming though always leads to an awakening. The ego may have prevented you from seeing things as they really are. As the facade begins to crumble, the truth unfolds in unstoppable waves, removing doubt and leading you closer to the light.

The upheaval that accompanies the lightning bolt will bring sudden change, areas that you have been avoiding will be exposed and must be confronted.

Are your foundations secure ? What will replace the Tower when your lightning bolt shatters the illusion ?

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